News: Live Shopping Now on Twitter
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Trending: Live Shopping is Now on Twitter

News: Live Shopping Now on Twitter

Twitter has finally joined us as a social media platform of the future. While in July of 2021 Twitter did in fact launch their Shop Module, which featured a shopping section at the top of a brand’s profile, they’ve got something even bigger on the horizon.

On November 28, 2021 Twitter launched “Cyber Deals Sunday” stream, partnered with Walmart, further dipping its toe into direct shopping through the app.

The stream will be hosted by Jason Derulo, and will feature everything you want out of Black Friday. Twitter describes the livestream as a “30-minute variety show” that will feature “electronics, home goods, apparel, seasonal décor, surprise special guests, and much more.”

Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube have already launched their versions of “live shopping.” These events are mainly hosted by high ranking influencers, who showcase their favorite products for an hour, in hopes to gain commission from the sales. Influencers of this magnitude have already gained their follower’s trust and respect, making it easy to make sales on products that they firmly stand behind.

“This live shopping with influencers, it’s basically like you’re shopping with a friend or somebody that you really aspire to be like,” says Lauren Beitelspacher, an associate professor of marketing at Babson College. “I see that trend only escalating.” These live shopping events mirror a modern day QVC for the younger Millennial and Gen Z audience. 

These events are already huge in China, 60 million people tuned in to live shopping streams in March. Kim Kardashian reportedly partnered with an influencer’s livestream and sold 15,000 bottles of perfume at the top of the hour. 

Twitter is using this Walmart partnership as a test run, and has confirmed that for the time being they will only be hosting these shopping livestreams with brands and not with the average twitter user. Meaning that the partnership between the brands and the influencers hosting these events will rely heavily on the brands following and the influencers ability to promote. 

Source: Watch, Chat, Shop: Live Shopping on Twitter



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