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Build Your Indoctrination Campaign

Determine the best way to start welcoming new customers to your brand by using the best messaging.

Craft a Consumption Campaign

Learn how to keep your customer engaged throughout an email series with a variety of different tactics discussed throughout the course.

Storyboard a Segmentation Campaign

Discover how to set up your campaign structure so your sends get the results you’re looking for.

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Implement Better Email Campaigns with New Tactics

Explore the complexities of different campaign types and begin to understand the best strategies for your business.

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If done properly, email marketing can perhaps be one of the most profitable areas of your marketing funnel. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work to make your system a profitable one. Generally, the first step in any successful email campaign is your indoctrination email campaign. So what exactly is an indoctrination email series? It’s to welcome new users and to give them some direction. They need to know what they are going to learn from your brand, where to go and what to do next. And not to worry, the DM team is here to help you through the setup. You’ll see multiple different case studies on why this works and how to ensure you’re optimizing correctly.

From there you’ll storyboard even more campaigns, such as your engagement and ascension campaigns. Once you’ve completed those steps, we’ll move onto crafting your consumption campaign. This campaign is all about getting your customer to stick. You want them to gain value from your product, so you can then move them down the customer journey. You’re going to learn about building a relationship with your customer and the best conversions to use.

Not only that, but DigitalMarketer will teach you how to nurture your customers and show you how to get your customer excited about working with your brand.

Once you’ve worked through a few different campaigns, you’ll dive into a segmentation campaign, which is a little bit different. A segmentation campaign will be a broadcast to your entire database and should drive demand in customers who may be disengaged. This will allow them to become active in your community once again and continue their ascension path. A DigitalMarketer expert will also ensure that you have a solid understanding of the Customer Journey. You’ll learn to work through the eight steps in the journey and draw out a roadmap so you can learn what the path to success should look like for your customers.

All of this is only brushing the surface of what is actually included in DigitalMarketer Lab.

Create the Best Email Campaign for Your Business

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