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Episode 341: The Power of Thriving Communities for Businesses with Shana Lynn


How can I use my community to increase conversions? How can I use my community to serve my customers longer? And how can I use my community to spread the word and become incredible affiliates? 

If you’re not asking yourself these three key questions as a business owner, you probably should be. Creating thriving communities and empowered community teams for your business is the powerful theme we’re addressing in today’s Digital Marketer podcast episode. 

As the Lifetime Customer Value becomes more important than ever, and as we start to see a trend of people returning to the “AOL roots” of community forums and chat groups, how business owners learn to connect with their customers is a challenging exercise. 

Especially when one considers how far away we’ve drifted from the core principles that community involvement elucidates for human engagement and the brands we buy into.

The good news is that you can show up authentically as a business owner, listen to what your customers are saying, operate ethically, and create meaningful customer engagement – and you’ll be well on your way. 

According to Shana Lynn, an expert in her field of community marketing, this requires engagement, not just for engagement’s sake. Rather, we need to understand the role of progress as reflected in our community: how are we doing better, and how are we getting results?

Learn how to get clear on your purpose, beliefs, behaviors, and boundaries as you build a thriving community (that is ultimately about fostering human connection and other evergreen marketing principles) – all in today’s episode that shines a bright light on the value of community for your brand. 

Shana Lynn is a Community Strategist and the Founder of Community Cultivated, which has helped over 1000 communities. With over a decade of experience in community marketing, Shana is an expert in her field. Create thriving communities and empowered community teams for your online business.


01:15 Why don’t we have more community experts?

02:43 How to change the opinions of business owners who see community as ‘customer care’

04:18 Appreciating Lifetime Customer Value in a post-pandemic world

06:03 Is the Internet returning to online forums and community like how AOL Chat used to be?

07:39 Understanding the role of progress in the context of community

09:12 Community first, then product and business from that community

11:52 How does Shana calculate ROI on community engagement in a way paid media would understand?

12:42 Seeing community as your brand, and the importance of investing in your brand

16:42 How community and content can work together

18:12 Examples of where big business has successfully engaged with community

19:51 Why the value is in community (and not the creator of the community)

25:11 Appreciating that being ethical in business is good business

25:54 What can small businesses do to get better at community engagement?

28:23 Learning to ask your customers what they want

29:18 The Four Things you need to create a strong community

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