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Episode 322: The Future of SEO Content with Justin McGill


How can you create meaningful, long-form content, using AI, in a way that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t leave you scrambling to plug the holes left by unverified sources and hallucinatory AI ‘facts’?

Justin McGill, founder of Content at Scale, might have the answer you’re looking for. His long-form SEO content software has just undergone an important upgrade, Content Scale 2.0, and his company has been in the AI writing game for a good few years now and is getting awesome results. 

It’s as simple as putting in a keyword that you want to rank for, and the AI writing platform will provide you with a published-ready article out of the box. 

It also uses natural language processing to develop relevant keywords, and its AI detector tool is also an internet-renowned thing of beauty. 

AI is moving super fast, with thousands of products launching each week. TDM’s host Mark De Grasse’s conversation with Justin is able to separate the AI wheat from the digital chaff, empowering potentially bewildered or overwhelmed digital marketers out there with the know-how to ask the right AI prompts before getting lost in a sea of SEO content. 

Justin McGill is the founder of Content Scale. Launched in September of 2022, Content at Scale is the world’s fastest-growing AI writing platform for SEO marketers. They help marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers adapt to AI content without losing the human touch. 

Content at Scale is a go-to resource for marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers looking to step into the new world of AI with knowledge and integrity.


01:10 What is Content Scale 2.0?

03:53 How to take your ChatGPT content writing up a notch

05:03 What was Justin’s development cycle for Content Scale 2.0?

08:00 Going back to the drawing board with an AI SASS product

11:05 Is it a good idea to keep a beta label?

15:00 Better ways to spend time than creating content: promoting it instead

19:32 Understanding the AI detector functionality

21:55 What’s Google likely to do in terms of generative content?

25:37 Which industries are content creators going to become valuable in?

26:36 How Bing is bringing AI to the search game to up their game

32:15 What’s next for Content at Scale?

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