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Episode 398: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in the AI Era with Toby Brooks, PhD


Staying ahead of the curve in anything you do is crucial. With the rapid advancements in AI and the ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

In this episode, we explore the intersection of AI and education, and how these technologies are reshaping the way we learn and work.

I sat down with Toby Brooks, PhD, a professor at Texas Tech, to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the marketing and education sectors. We tackle the pressing issue of imposter syndrome, especially in a world where AI is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily tasks.

Toby shares his insights on how professionals can navigate the uncertainties brought about by AI, drawing from his experiences with high achievers across various fields. We also delve into practical strategies for leveraging AI tools to enhance learning and productivity, ensuring that you stay ahead in this fast-paced digital age.


00:35 The prevalence of imposter syndrome in marketing 

01:08 Insights from high achievers: Overcoming doubt and uncertainty  

02:30 The impact of AI on the job market: Adapting to change

04:41 Leveraging AI tools in education  

08:27 The future of education: Personalized learning with AI

17:37 Ethical use of AI in education 

24:58 The rapid evolution of AI 

27:43 Embracing AI: Opportunities for creativity and innovation

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Listen to Toby Brooks’ “Becoming Undone Podcast”

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