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Episode 339: Switch Offers and Quick Wins – Kevin Barber Sells That First Meeting


How much do you as a marketer value that first meeting? Simply put, if you can’t sell a meeting, you can’t sell your product. So it all starts with what happens at that first meeting! 

Kevin Barber is the Founder and Head of Growth at Lean Labs and he’s emphasizing the seemingly obvious point that you need to be able to sell the meeting to sell your service. 

Together with host Mark de Grasse, Kevin is offering the TDM audience some rapid-fire solutions to establishing a quick win from that first meeting, getting past that ‘first dollar problem’, and then building a trusting relationship with a customer.

And if it then doesn’t work out at that first consult, chances are the client will have friends and can make referrals. So get that meeting!

Other proactive solutions offered include providing market insights rather than talking about what you can offer (and how great you are). Or better yet, have a low-risk offer with a ‘one week win’ to build trust. 

As is customary with TDM these days, there’s talk of AI and here again, Kevin has some insights and terminology that host Mark de Grasse reckons he should trademark. Is it AI (Artificial Intelligence) or IA (Intelligence Augmentation)? 

Kevin shares how his company is using AI to produce stellar results for his clients by saving him and his team time at the conceptual stages of any project. 

So, from articulating the goals of that first meeting to articulating your Intelligence so that AI can Augment it, it’s all here on today’s episode that is a guaranteed “quick win”. 

Kevin Barber is the Head of Growth @ Lean Labs and a mentor to 50+ High Growth Companies. He is also a M3 member at DigitalMarketer.


01:33 If you can’t sell a meeting, you can’t sell your product

02:50 Having a low-risk offer with a quick win to build trust

05:00 The value of a switch offer that gets you past that ‘first dollar problem’

06:30 Understanding that the goal of the meeting is to give them a new perspective

09:34 TIP: Shifting from articulating what’s great about you to providing market insights

13:23 How does Kevin get a six-figure client the ‘one week win’? 

17:55 Understanding what a ‘win’ means for the client

22:34 How is Kevin integrating AI into his business?

25:32 Is it AI (Artificial Intelligence) or IA (Intelligence Augmentation)?

30:52 Kevin shares a practical use of AI in his business

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