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Episode 315: SEO Content Creation Using AI with Dennis Yu


How is the world of SEO being shaped by the introduction of AI into content creation? And just how many search results can there possibly be for the best donuts in Georgetown, Kentucky? 

Mark is combining some of his newfound enthusiasm for AI with some of his old-school skepticism for Google’s SEO and asking Dennis Yu, the CEO of Blitzmetric, to weigh in on the debate about where the SEO industry is headed. 

Should SEO businesses pivot to content creation? Are you using your social media platform as content creation that feeds the search engines with the right ‘signal’? And is search even on the increase in recent years?

From his time at Yahoo, to his vast experience in the SEO and digital marketing industries, Dennis is expertly equipped to remind us that, for now, good content still wins, and that perhaps the best way to create good content is by collaborating with other established people in your industry. 

Learn about Google’s new content policy, how to change your search results by logging off first, and the right prompts to feed your ChatGPT when crafting content – all in this fascinating episode of The DigitalMarketer. 

Dennis Yu is the CEO of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that partners with schools to train young adults. They offer courses, implementation, and consulting. He is also the host of the CoachYu show, a digital marketing certification program that partners together with industry professionals such as doctors, engineers, and teachers where people can get trained and have a job at the same time. 

He is joined by Jacob Hastings, the Director of Analytics for Blitzmetrics


02:40 Appreciating Google’s new content policy, EEAT

06:50 Learning smart ChatGPT prompts

14:20 ‘PAA’ (People Also Ask) – how the shape of search is changing 

18:06 Are people searching less nowadays?

22:00 Why searching through your own profile will yield different results

25:00 Is Google’s SEO system broken? 

30:12 Can we keep creating content through keyword optimization?

34:30 Can SEO emulate TikTok in terms of showcasing what you like?

39:30 Can Google come up with an AI that people can use and will trust?

41:34 What practices should you change to ensure your content still gets found?

44:00 Is it risky to provide Google with too much of your personal content?

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