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Episode 321: Pinterest – Where Search Engine meets Social Media with Lauren Petrullo


With so many social media platforms out there, why should you consider Pinterest? 

For starters, Pinterest is where ‘social media meets search engine’, meaning your content has a longer shelf life, with compounding interest as you build your content and audience. 

And, with 440 million active users, what’s not to like? 

Pinterest, the “visual discovery engine”, is one of the 7 social media platforms that TDM covers in their Social Media Certification course. 

Lauren Petrullo is TDM’s Pinterest expert, and she’s in the studio today with Mark De Grasse extolling Pinterest’s virtues. 

Lauren took over TDM’s Pinterest account and shared how she grew their audience with ‘idea pins’ and repurposing old content for more eyeballs and click-throughs to TDM’s website. 

As Lauren points out, Pinterest allows you to inspire people to take action – a far better quality than just having someone ‘like’ your post. 

The ‘Google of social media platforms’, Pinterest may best be paired with TikTok – as the platform likes short-form videos. 

And, like a fine wine, Pinterest ages well as your content remains prominent for 12 weeks or more. 

By spending just an hour a day, you can generate 50000 monthly views to your Pinterest account in less than 90 days. Pin this conversation with Lauren Petrullo down now, and find out how it can help your business today. 

Lauren E Petrullo is a digitalpreneur and multiple business owner in the digital space. She owns Mongoose Media, a digital marketing agency that assists with growth and launch-focused solutions. 

Pinterest is one of the 7 social media platforms that TDM covers in their Social Media Certification course. Lauren is the Pinterest educator for this course, as well as an E-commerce expert for TDM’s Social Media Certification.


01:40 Why should a digital marketer use Pinterest?

03:25 Understanding Pinterest’s layout

04:22 The value of being keyword-based

05:28 What pairs best with Pinterest?

07:50 What Lauren achieved managing TDM’s Pinterest account

11:32 Appreciating Pinterest as a visual platform

12:37 Should you create spam content on Pinterest?

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