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Episode 345: Nathan Hirsch’s Multi-Million Dollar Business Strategy


What goes into a successful affiliate marketing program? From the content resources and percentage commission you pay for referrals and the right way to approach and work with an influencer in your space, there’s an ever-evolving nuance to getting affiliate marketing right as you seek to grow your company.

For anyone wanting to know the right way to go about getting a referral, how to share your entrepreneurial journey as your company starts to grow and you build authenticity with your community, this conversation on affiliates, influencers, VAs, and everything in between could be just what you need to exponentially grow your own company with no paid advertising or permanent staff too!

Nathan Hirsch grew a company (FreeUp) from $5000 to $12 million a year with no paid marketing, using VAs to do almost all of the work! 

And the secret of his success lies (in part) in how he was able to interface between the influencers he was tasked with approaching each day, and the Virtual Assistants in the Philippines to whom he was delegating all the work.

Nathan has all the answers for Mark in today’s episode as they swiftly cover ground on everything from how to make an influencer feel special with extra commission and how to brief them on what to sell, to the value of creating evergreen podcast content, setting up the right backlinks for your written website content, and honoring the cookie system.

Nathan Hirsch is the Founder of Outsource School and AccountsBalance. Outsource School teaches you how to crack the code on hiring and scaling your business to 6 and 7 figures with virtual assistants. AccountsBalance is a monthly bookkeeping service for agencies, SAAS, coaches, service providers, and online businesses. 

Both of these businesses have been built on Nathan’s Affiliate expertise.


03:45 How did Nathan structure a team of 30 VAs with only 4 supervisors?

07:34 Understanding the difference between an affiliate and an influencer

10:55 How much ‘selling’ of your program should you do when getting an influencer to promote it?

15:26 What resources should you provide an affiliate with?

17:58 Tips on what content you should be putting out there as you partner with affiliates?

20:00 The power of creating authenticity as you share your entrepreneurial journey

23:24 How to get a VA to organize your partnerships

25:17 What should you look for in an affiliate program and what rate should you charge?

29:44 The power of podcasting for creating evergreen content (and networking with your community)

32:05 Making sure backlinks are a part of your affiliate program and that you’re getting customer reviews!

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