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Episode 308: Launching Your Own Podcast with Sebastian Rusk


Appreciating the positives of launching a podcast in a crowded digital marketing space is multi-fold: it can be a foot in the door for business opportunities, a way to grow your content library, and a smart sales funnel for your business. 

For Sebastian Rusk, it was more than this. 

It was a journey of introspection and self-discovery that merits closer examination as we find ourselves caught up chasing the next financial opportunity at the expense of our happiness. 

Sebastian is the Founder and Owner of Podcast Launch Lab. In today’s episode of The DigitalMarketer, he’s sharing his personal journey from disgruntled and broke MC to satisfied and successful podcast launcher. 

His business offering is to help you go ‘from idea to iTunes in 100 days or less’ with your podcast. 

And the free food for thought is that along the way you’ll probably do some soul searching too, using your podcast as a vehicle not just for business growth, but personal development too. 

As Sebastian’s T-shirt proclaims, “Podcasts Suck! (Unless You Have One). Frankly, he might be onto something. 

Sebastian Rusk is the Podcast Launch Lab founder and owner, as well as being a keynote speaker, comedian, author, and host of the podcast ‘Podcasts Suck!’ 


05:15 Doing the work as a digital marketer — why that is all that matters

06:31 What does it take to be an MC?

06:54 How did Sebastian discover podcasting?

15:30 How you can make money doing the things you love

16:46 How to link podcasting with making money as a business strategy

20:45 How podcasting can open doors AND lead to personal growth

22:15 Can AI duplicate or replace human conversation in podcasting?

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