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Episode 337: How To Monetize Your Podcast with Grow The Show’s Kevin Chemidlin


How are you talking about your products and services on your podcast? And are you doing it in a way that makes the listener want to learn more about what you’re offering? 

Kevin Chemidlin is the Founder of Grow The Show podcast, and he’s offering some highly practical tips on how to monetize your podcast. 

Kevin has over 400 clients who he has helped 10x their listener base and monetize right away, just by following some pretty simple podcast strategies. The first step is establishing congruency between your podcast and your offering, and once you’ve accomplished that you can look at your Call To Action.

Whereabouts in your show should your Call To Action appear? Should it be your (the host’s) voice and how long should it be? And what is it exactly that you are selling? 

Just selling the simplest next step in the sales funnel is just one of the smart pieces of advice that Kevin has to offer in this episode of TDM that is for all you podcast hosts out there who are looking to “grow the show”.

Kevin Chemidlin is the Founder of Grow The Show podcast. As promised, “the link will be in the show notes” and here it is:
If you are looking for ways to 10x your podcast audience that doesn’t burn you out, and turn your listeners into buyers, check out Grow The Show.


01:25 How does Kevin advise his clients on converting listeners into buyers?

04:12 How feasible is it to adapt an existing show to attract customers?

06:11 What Call To Action strategy does Kevin recommend?

07:38 Just selling the next step in the funnel

12:46 How should a host insert a Call To Action?

15:52 Recommended Call To Action pro tips

21:40 Should your podcast voice be the same as the CTA?

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