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Episode 223: Surprising Social Media Stats and How to ACTUALLY Get Results from Your Content with Shaina Weisinger


Do you know which social media platforms have the longest (and shortest) lifespans for a post?  

On today’s episode, host Shaina Weisinger shares some shocking stats about social media that will change the way you think about the content you post. Social media can feel impossible to keep up with due to its lightning-fast trends, changing algorithms, and never ending TikTok dances. It can be overwhelming to be as present as you know you need to be—and in ways that are actually going to be effective. Most of us aren’t Gary V with a huge team of people doing all the work for us. So how can we create constantly while also being mindful of what works best on specific platforms? Shaina says the key is repurposing content you’ve already made —and doing it with an informed focus on platforms where your audience actually is.

Listen in for some expert tips on figuring out which content to use where, when, and how. 

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  • What the lifespans are of posts on each social media platform
  • How to create content that gets engagement so you can get longer lifespans
  • 3 types of content you can repurpose for social media (and how to do it)
  • Why you should be repurposing old podcast episodes



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