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Episode 368: How To Enhance Your Marketing Game with Jordan Wilson’s AI Insights


What can you use AI for immediately to enhance your marketing? If you’re not having an ‘expert chat’ with your pro version of ChatGPT in the morning for breakfast, you’re probably doing it wrong.

As marketers we need to be two steps ahead of everybody else and always first to the party. This means shelling out the twenty bucks a month for the expert version of ChatGPT and actually training it in your brand voice and cadence. That’s for starters!

Today’s guest is Jordan Wilson, host of the ‘Everyday AI’ podcast. He’s overcome the fear, embraced the learning curve, and is working with Large Language Models (LLM) AI technology to automate his business, conduct his research, and chat with him in the mornings!

As we close in on a year of AI being on everyone’s lips, for some people it still feels new. For others, like Jordan, he’s learned how to hone his relationship with the tools to save himself time, money, and effort in the long run.

This episode offers practical tips to those marketers still wanting to get to the party on time to understand where they can up their AI game. Please join us.  

Jordan Wilson is the Founder and CEO of  Accelerant Agency and the Founder and Host of ‘Everyday AI Podcast’. You can find him online at


02:19 Why is AI still ‘new’ to some people?

06:04 Trusting AI over more primitive forms of search

08:22 How you need patience to overcome the fear 

08:56 Using ChatGPT to know your company voice

10:29 The value of teaching generative AI your cadence

12:43 Investing the time to train AI upfront

14:10 The importance of using AI for research and analysis

18:38 Giving your AI access to your spreadsheets

19:42 Appreciating business automation within ChatGPT

23:48 Thinking two steps ahead as a marketer

26:23 Getting over the fear (and initial learning curve)

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