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Episode 299: How Might AI Impact Marketing Agency Management with Thomas von Ahn


Artificial intelligence has already made its way into major industries and is quickly making its way into the digital marketing landscape. Should you be concerned if you are a digital marketing agency owner?

Do you think AI will contribute to the success of your business, or is it something that will eventually wipe out small businesses, yours included? When you don’t fully understand something, you tend to fear it. But what is the truth about AI? 

In today’s episode of The DigitalMarketer Podcast, Mark engages in a dynamic conversation with Thomas von Ahn, an experienced strategic marketing executive..

Together, they discuss a topic that is of primary interest to many marketers out there. How might AI impact marketing agency management?

If you’re interested in knowing more about AI’s impact on marketing and what you can do to pivot your business, don’t miss this episode of The DigitalMarketer Podcast.


  • What can Mark and Thomas say about AI and ChatGPT? Should professional service providers worry about them being replaced by AI?
  • Is AI a threat to small business owners? 
  • Google search vs. AI/ ChatGPT
  • What is AI bias? Can that bias be eliminated? What is the potential impact if the bias is not sorted out?
  • With the significant shifts in the digital marketing space, how would agencies know who to trust and believe?
  • How does AI impact trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other types of intellectual property?
  • What is the future of digital marketing, and how can marketers compete with the emergence of AI? 
  • Is there a threat of privacy violation while utilizing AI?
  • How can digital marketing agencies move toward the future direction in this quickly evolving space?

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