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Episode 227: Finding Yourself After Failure with Amber Spears | DigitalMarketer Stories


We’re all shaped by our childhoods—for better or for worse—and it can be fascinating to trace the path from then to now.  

Today’s episode is a little different from our regular interviews on the podcast. Instead of just introducing someone who’s wildly successful at what they do, we’re taking a step back to look at the story of how they got there. Amber Spears is a connector, a closer, and the founder of East 5th Avenue, an affiliate marketing consulting company. She also pioneered the 8-figure affiliate framework that has helped countless people in the DM community. From her father’s patriarchal, right wing views to her mother’s Mexican heritage to being homeschooled most of her life to realizing she was gay and didn’t fit into her family, Amber’s story gives us so much insight into how she became such a light in the digital marketing space and beyond.

Listen in to hear Amber’s inspiring account of overcoming great odds to become the entrepreneurial success—and loving human—she is today.

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  • How the strong women in her family showed her what was possible
  • Why affiliate marketing often gets a bad rap and how she’s changing that
  • Why she believes the collaborative spirit of affiliate marketing is unparalleled
  • Actionable steps you can take to get started with affiliate marketing TODAY



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