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Episode 9: Nicholas Kusmich, CEO and Facebook Ads Expert on Creating Facebook Advertising Campaigns That Actually ROI


Nicholas Kusmich is the world’s leading Facebook advertising strategist with the highest ROI’s in the industry. His strategy is simple, you must give before you ask for anything in return. And he has seen this strategy pan out again and again in his advertising campaigns.

In this episode Nicholas sits down with Garrett in the DigitalMarketer Bat Cave to break down how Facebook ads have evolved over the years, outlining specific tactics and strategies to create better ads for your business. Listen in as Nicholas shares the biggest mistake marketers make on Facebook, as well as the secrets behind some of the largest campaigns he’s ever created.

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  • The biggest changes in advertisements and how it affects what you can and can’t do in direct response marketing
  • What you need to understand to run a successful Facebook advertisements
  • Why Facebook’s continued updates on ad regulations is a really good thing for you and your business
  • What marketers and business owners are getting wrong in their Facebook ads (and how to fix them)
  • The 4 M’s of advertising and how to use them to boost your ROI


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