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Episode 5: Ryan Deiss, CEO @ DigitalMarketer on The CEO’s Role in Marketing


Today, Ryan is the CEO of DigitalMarketer. But for a long time, he was in the weeds of marketing, pulling all-nighters to write email copy. When he finally took on the leadership role, he found that turning off his inner marketer and turning on his inner CEO was a difficult shift.

This week, Ryan talks to Jenna and Garrett about the importance of being able to trust employees, give away responsibilities, and be an internal consultant for their business. Dive into the mind of Ryan as he shares his failures and successes, and lets you in on his strategies for growing a business, hiring a team, and expanding his knowledge.

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  • What the transition from marketer to leader is like
  • The 10-80-10 principle for leading your team
  • Recognize the moment when it is time to fully step into the role of CEO and stop working on smaller tasks
  • Using the Customer Value Journey on the backend of the business to increase efficiency
  • How to avoid undermining managers
  • 1 key element that can encourage employee growth


The Invisible Selling Machine by Ryan Deiss
How To Create A Customer Journey
Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide To The Startup World
100 Books Every Marketer Should Read

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