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Episode 323: Building Your Brand Voice with AI and Molly Mahoney


In an ocean of AI-driven content, how do you find your unique voice and identifiable personality that ensures your message doesn’t get lost at sea?

Molly Mahoney is The Prepared Performer and she’s sharing the wisdom of articulating your own unique character attributes (at least 20!) before you start feeding your AI chatbot prompts and coming up with new content. 

There’s a wonderful method to Molly’s madness that involves the Quesadilla of Awesome and an intentionally misspelled acronym that will force you to check in with what you stand for as a brand so that when your content is reflected back to you, you’ll know right away whether it is on point or not. 

TDM host Mark De Grasse and Molly also share on how to prevent Chatbot hallucinations, embrace AI’s personality quirks, and the frameworks you need to be a better content writer. 

From awesome quesadillas to banana phones, there are ways to create content and community in quirky ways that set us humans apart from our artificially intelligent digital doppelgängers. Creating magic starts here. 

Molly Mahoney is the founder and CEO of The Prepared Performer. She teaches people how to turn their message into a profitable movement by having more fun (and ultimately making more money) without guru marketing or high-pressure sales tactics. 

Learning how to perform better in business begins with performing better in front of others. Elevate your Awesome Podcast with Molly Mahoney and The Prepared Performer team.


02:35 How does Molly make her AI content more human?

03:15 What is the Quesadilla of Awesome?

07:40 Making a list of 20 things that make you a uniquely awesome human being

08:45 How to appreciate yourself with the SAAVE acronym

12:00 Creative AI prompts once you’ve articulated your uniqueness

15:30 Creating a character before you create your AI content

17:30 Making an emotional connection with your AI content

19:50 How to prevent Chatbot hallucinations

20:55 Being patient with your AI prompts

26:10 Creating random content with AI

28:00 Banana phones! 

31:50 The low risk associated with trying out ideas using AI chatbots

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