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Episode 21: Dominic Cummins, Founder @ RightMind, Inc. on How to Hire the Right Candidate the First Time


If you need to hire new employees, or are struggling to find the right fit, Dominic Cummins has some advice for you.

Stop hiring for skill sets, and start hiring based on personality traits.

Dominic is the founder of RightMind, Inc. and an expert at turning brand stories into relatable narratives that produce brand advocates. He works with Fortune 500 Companies to create their stories and hire employees who accurately represent it.

This week he explains how to hire the employees who don’t just have the skills to fulfill the position but more importantly, the traits. We talk about the DigitalMarketer mentality of “giving a damn” about your job, how to audit skills prior to onboarding, and Dom’s wild, fraudulent interview story.

And as a special bonus, Jenna speaks with Sam Hodgett and Cyn Mobley, 2 members of the DM Facebook communities, about delegating tasks to freelancers if you aren’t good at them—especially when time is money.

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  • Why you should look for traits, instead of skills, during the recruiting process
  • The difference between a good sales representative and an amazing one
  • What questions to ask during an interview to know if a candidate is a good fit for the position
  • How to make a candidate comfortable answering questions about their past experience
  • The most effective way to onboard an employee and audit their skillset


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