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Episode 311: Empathy-Driven Marketing with Christene Marie


Creating brand authenticity and establishing a strong customer relationship requires empathy and relatability in a post-pandemic world where we all got to see each other without makeup on.

How do you show your ideal customer ‘the mess’ that is going on with your business while still presenting a polished, aspirational brand? 

Christene Marie specializes in the curation of business and marketing strategy powered by meaningful, compelling content that elicits emotion-driven response and action by illuminating the ‘why’ of leading organizations and top executives.

She is sharing the similarities between creating movie characters and consumer avatars, and the importance of building a strong personal brand as a way to foster trust as you engage with potential new clients. 

How do we make time for personal space while seeking human connection, and how do we nurture our own empathy and capacity for self-reflection as we step out into the world, both as personal brands and as businesses? Christene has some fascinating insight into empathy-driven marketing that listeners of TheDigitalMarketer will surely appreciate.

Christene Marie is a branding and marketing strategist, and the CEO and Founder of Starin Strategies. She has just returned from Sundance Film Festival where she was championing female empowerment in the film industry.


01:07 Christene’s Debut Feature Film at Sundance Film Festival 

05:47 Understanding your customer and being authentic

07:14 Empathy and self-reflection in a post-pandemic world

08:25 Allowing for human connection AND personal space

10:35 The constant cycle of ‘figuring out new stuff’ in digital marketing

13:11 Understanding the customer journey from adoption to advocating the brand

21:40 How do you deal with a terrible executive when building their brand?

23:56 The strength of your brand will allow you to make mistakes

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