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Episode 342: Elevating Your Marketing Game – Etan’s Insights as a Modern Marketer


Where are you in your customer journey? Just starting out, filled with unbridled optimism for how your business is going to change the world? Or perhaps you’re in the valley of despair, where your optimism has been met with founded pessimism, and you’re stuck in the daily hustle, trying to pay the bills with no time for the bigger picture?

Etan Polinger is further along in his journey: he has reached the peak of informed optimism having a bumper quarter, bringing in $50Ks worth of additional revenue for one client alone, just by reviewing their sales data.

In today’s episode Etan is sharing his journey, from being overwhelmed and treading water to now being able to take the time out (one whole day!) to chat to his client’s customers in-store and develop an avatar based on his field research. 

Learn about the ‘modern marketer’ in this highly entertaining conversation between Mark and Etan, as they explore the ethics of marketing and an AI future where strategic management holds the key to your survival as you teach the machines to automate your ideas.

Etan’s partnership with TDM has allowed him to become more intentional with the clients he chooses to work with, operating as a fractional CMO and taking on bigger contracts. 

Part of the strategic map for getting you out of the valley of despair can be found in this episode and by applying the tools of The DigitalMarketer Agency Accelerator Program. Please join us. 

Etan Polinger is the founder of Prosperous Media, a digital marketing company specializing in SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, and more. Etan is enjoying increased success as a Certified Partner of The DigitalMarketer Agency Accelerator Program. 


01:24 How the Certified Partner has helped Etan with his entrepreneurial journey

02:40 Unlocking a process that leads to informed optimism

04:36 Learning to trust that TDM’s Certified Partner framework of tools will work

05:49 Unpacking the tools: a systemized way to sell your services

08:20 Articulating the shift that has happened for Etan in Q1 ’23

10:20 Working with the Strategic Map to grow your business

13:06 Becoming more intentional with the clients you choose to work with

15:00 Learning how to delegate: listening to the simple advice

16:00 Strategic management as a route to secure your marketing future

18:27 How Etan is giving his clients the infrastructure they need so they have the tools themselves

19:10 The ethics of marketing: understanding your marketing function (cohesion and integration)

23:53 Understanding your customer demographic: chatting to the customer in-store

25:25 Understanding who your message is for by talking to the customer first

30:09 Etan as a ‘modern marketer’: Mark coins a new term!

31:17 Take action: identify where you are in your journey (are you in the valley of despair?)

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