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Episode 240: E-Commerce Strategies for 2022 with Scott Cunningham and Simon Trafford


Are you keeping up with the ever-changing trends in eCommerce? Is your brand ready for the future of online selling?

In today’s episode, host Mark de Grasse talks to Scott Cunningham and Simon Trafford from Social Lite, a leading Shopify partner and top-notch eCommerce marketing agency. Scott and Simon are our subject matter experts for the brand-new e-commerce certification.

eCommerce is changing. Buyers are adopting new buying habits and businesses now have to develop new strategies to meet the needs of the post-pandemic buyer. The good news is that there have never been as many eCommerce opportunities as we’re seeing right now. On the flip side, competition is also at an all-time high. So how can you level up and stay ahead of the competition?

Tune in as we discuss what is going on in the eCommerce space, why we created a brand-new eCommerce certification, and how you can prepare for the future of online selling.

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[01:42] Post-Pandemic eCommerce: Is Your Brand Ready?

[05:22] What to Expect From The New Ecommerce Certification

[07:40] How to Differentiate Your Brand In a Crowded Marketplace

[11:09] How to Work Out Your Ideal Customer Avatar

[13:03] What is Customer Research and Why is it Important?

[15:40] Who the New eCommerce Certification is Designed For

[18:17] Why You Need to Set Up an Online Store, If You Haven’t Already



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