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Episode 60: More Data Protection Laws are Coming! Here’s What You Need to Know with Suzanne Dibble


Are you confused by GDPR, SCA, and what you need to do to comply with these changing privacy regulations by September 14th, 2019?

In this episode, Garrett has Suzanne Dibble, small business law expert, explain the current state of GDPR, what to do about the new SCA regulations, and why huge companies are getting fined millions of dollars for not complying.


  • The impact GDPR had on big corporations in 2019
  • How GDPR is evolving and how marketers can stay up-to-date to make sure they’re compliant
  • What SCA means and which online businesses are going to be affected
  • What these changes mean for the future of online advertising and commerce


Europe’s huge privacy fines against Marriott and British Airways are a warning for Google and Facebook
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