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Episode 326: Creating Persuasive, Promptless AI-Driven Copy with Jon Benson


In the tsunami of open-source AI that has engulfed us all, who’s riding the wave’s crest with the right prompts to generate in-context learning from models like ChatGPT4 that creates effective copy? 

Arguably, it’s Jon Benson, inventor of the VSL (Video Sales Letter) and founder of CopyPro, an AI-driven app that is so intuitive it promises that it will soon be promptless.

Jon has been pioneering the art of copywriting in video content for the better part of his career and learning AI for the past six years. In today’s episode of TDM with host Mark de Grasse, Jon is trumpeting the importance of copywriting and riffing on its evolution since Mad Men and its halcyon heydays. 

There is a vanguard he describes where brilliant, human copywriting meets eager-to-learn AI. Here, at this cutting edge, sits a quiet appreciation for the art and science of persuasion. A skill AI has yet to master. 

This is good news for copywriters that are out there, learning AI in the dark, figuring out how AI thinks through the structure of language, and so becoming ever practical and valuable for everyday folk like us digital marketers.

Jon promises that the launch of his application is indeed going to be better than working in the mines of ChapGPT and other open-source AI apps that are just warp-speed predictive text engines, still lacking the finesse of people-powered persuasion. 

All of this makes for compelling TDM content and frankly, it’s hard not to be persuaded by his passion, his perspective, and his prompt(less) arrival in AI copywriting country. This one’s for all you diehard copywriters out there! Disclaimer: This copy was written by a human.

Jon Benson is The Billion Dollar Copy Coach, the CEO of, and ChatVSL which promises to write persuasive, direct-marketing Video Sales Letters in under an hour. 
To find out more about what Jon does, visit and You’ll be sure to find great sales pitches, a love of words, personal music videos, VSL testimonials, and more.


01:18 How did Jon and Copy Pro get started with dissecting copy for AI?

03:30 How ChatGPT4 has flipped the switch on writing accurate copy

04:36 The advent of direct response copywriting

06:20 Appreciating the art and science of copywriting

07:44 Why (human) persuasion still matters

08:30 Why AI has a problem ‘opening a loop’

10:06 Mad Men and direct response marketing

14:25 Why it’s so important to be able to distill your copy

16:54 Why copy needs to be simple and persuasive with attention spans waning

19:15 Promptless AI and what BNSN will be able to do

21:40 How BNSN is starting with emails and then VSL

22:20 What is prompt creation going to look like for average folk?

28:00 Introducing Chat VSL 

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