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Episode 50: The Secrets Behind Turning Good Copy Into Great Copy with Jon Benson, Creator of the VSL


Jon Benson is a living legend of copywriting.

In this episode, Garrett and Jenna sit down with Jon to listen to his copywriting secrets. Find out why Jon (and Ryan Deiss) argue that copywriting is the most important tool in marketing, Jon’s tool that is the Uber of copywriting, and the reason AI in marketing isn’t something to be scared of.


  • How Jon used presentation slides to figure out how to write successful copy for video sales letters (VSLs)
  • The biggest mistake marketers are making when they’re writing copy and why it’s so important to hire a professional
  • How CopyPro uses AI to create copy and one of the formulas they’re using—verb, pronoun, goal
  • Why marketers shouldn’t be scared of AI and instead should figure out how to work with the technology
  • The copywriting best practices that don’t work as well as they used to—like clickbait headlines
  • The benefits of every marketer knowing the basics of copywriting
  • The strategy of using a “Primary Solution” to show your customers how you’ll help them
  • Jon’s audit of Garrett’s article headline that garnered 3 million views


Open Click Buy: 21 Ways to Cash In on Emails While Avoiding the Information Apocalypse
Jon’s Website
Jon on LinkedIn

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