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Episode 45: What The Heck is Going on in the World of Marketing? with Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing @ Drift


This week we’re talking about the strategy disrupting the marketing world right now: conversational marketing.

People don’t want to be sold to, they want to have conversations—they want their product questions answered, they want to know where to find information on a website, and they want all of it now. Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift, joins us to explain how to use conversational marketing to talk with your customers and create a movement around your brand.


  • Why conversational marketing is such a big deal in 2019
  • How conversational marketing became a norm in the marketing world by branding it to create a movement
  • How Drift creates content that doesn’t sell their products but showcases their expertise
  • How Dave uses LinkedIn to market Drift—including giving people rides to the airport


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Dave on LinkedIn

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