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Episode 238: Bringing a Brick-and-Mortar Business Online with Lanell Beckels


This personal trainer made more in 10 days ($128k) than he did the entire previous year ($78k) when he took his company digital.  

On today’s episode, host Mark de Grasse sits down with Lanell Beckels to talk about making the switch from being a personal trainer at an actual gym to doing group coaching online. He and his business partner, Adam Lyons, scrapped his one-on-one model, systematized it, made videos, and launched. His offer: helping busy professionals look and feel better without daily workouts and without missing out on their favorite foods. The new business took off immediately, and he made more during the launch than he had the whole year before. Unlike his gym days, when he was putting in 12+ hours a day, this model is scalable and sustainable—and he has time for a life outside of training.

Listen in for the inspiration you need to take your business online. 

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  • How he helps his clients get healthy while working out just 30 minutes a week 
  • How he has built his business on referrals and testimonials
  • Ways he leverages Zoom, My Fitness Pal, Discord, and Facebook in his business
  • Tips for maintaining a personal touch with clients while using a one-to-many model


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  • Connect with Lanell on IG


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