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Episode 394: Break the 7-Figure Ceiling in Your Agency with Frank Cowell


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Do you feel stuck in your agency’s growth, overwhelmed by chaos, and constantly playing the hero to keep things running?

As an agency owner, you want to scale your business smoothly and sustainably. However, hitting a growth ceiling and dealing with increasing complexity can be frustrating.

According to Frank Cowell, Chief Revenue Boss at Revenue Ranch, this struggle is common among agencies that rely too heavily on the “hero business model.” To break through, you need to shift your approach and harness the power of momentum.

Frank reveals his “Momentum Mastery” framework, which focuses on working on the right things in the right order to create and leverage business momentum.

If you’re an agency owner or marketer tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed, listen to this episode and discover how to optimize your business for sustainable growth.


00:56 What is momentum in business?

02:15 The hero business model and its limitations

04:10 How to create momentum in business

05:50 The seven core capabilities every business needs

09:47 The purpose of the CEO and COO roles

12:38 How to create a world-class offering

13:08 Systematic sales process for predictable growth

13:24 Active lead generation vs. passive leads

14:25 Empowered work experience for your team

15:03 Cash and profit optimization

18:03 Why your service offering is the heart of your growth engine

20:59 Thinking like an entrepreneur and grading your business capabilities

24:04 The “Growth Momentum Analyzer” tool

25:10 Aligning your business goals with the seven capabilities

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