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Episode 43: Elliott Clark of Apartment Bartender on Growing Your Instagram and Working with Influencers


The old news? Brands can make money off of influencer relationships on Instagram. The new news? These relationships are more than transactions. They are part of the movement your brand is creating.

The theme of T&C this year was building brands that are more than a consumer to company transaction. Elliott Clark is here to show us how he’s using his Instagram account to get people behind the movement, Apartment Bartender. In this episode, Jenna talks to Elliott about how he grew his account organically to 55,900 followers. He’ll also give us intel about how businesses should approach working with influencers so they can get an ROI and how his spirits-based Instagram has launched a new fitness movement.


  • The 3 questions a new brand or influencer can ask to figure out what content to create for their Instagram feed
  • Elliott’s content strategy to reduce in-feed posts, use videos, and create Instagram stories that are high production and low production quality
  • The question influencers can ask before pitching brands to show the value of the partnership


Apartment Bartender
Elliott on Instagram
Earn Your Booze
Earn Your Booze on Instagram
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