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Episode 391: 5 Elements for Lifetime Trust


Do you struggle to build lasting relationships and trust with your customers in an increasingly noisy digital world? If you’re ready to transform your marketing approach and create a brand your audience will love, this episode is for you.

John Lenker, Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Lenker, and Kevin deLaplante, Chief Knowledge Officer, share their groundbreaking “Follow Formula” for taking command of the customer journey and creating remarkable, comprehensible, believable, and undeniable experiences that maximize the lifetime value you deliver to your customers.

Join us as John and Kevin reveal:

  • The crucial shift in focus that helped their client in the aerospace industry reach their annual subscription goal in just six months
  • The five essential elements your brand must embody to become truly worthy of your audience’s attention and trust
  • How to map out your customer journey and craft messages that resonate at each stage of the relationship
  • The importance of authenticity and integrity in building a sustainable, beloved brand in the 21st century

If you’re ready to leave behind the gimmicks and focus on creating genuine value for your customers, this episode will provide the insights and inspiration you need. Tune in now and discover the Follow Formula for marketing success!


01:06 The importance of focusing on the customer’s lifetime value

02:39 The media equation and creating engaging digital experiences

05:45 Applying interpersonal relationship principles to create satisfying digital interactions

10:03 Crafting the customer journey

17:49 How John and Kevin helped an aerospace client achieve their annual subscription goal in half the time

24:46 The five elements your brand must embody for a lasting customer relationship

31:05 The importance of authenticity and integrity in building a sustainable brand

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