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DigitalMarketer Certified Partner
Joza Marketing is led by Dave Albano, a business and marketing expert, inspired speaker, trainer and online strategy expert. Our high impact strategies, virtual assistants and done-for-you services get more customers into your business, more productivity from your day, and more excitement into your Life!

Our Services

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing
DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

Joza Marketing

Why You Should Hire Us

– PROVEN Results, Case Studies, Strategies, Tactics and In-The-Trenches Experience
– INSTANT ways to Monetize your Business
– Gain MORE REVENUE each and every month, all on AUTO-PILOT
– CONSTANT INNOVATION and Project Rollout for your Company in a Predictable Cycle of Exponential Growth
– Proprietary Methods of CONSISTENT SCALE that you can’t get anywhere else!
– World-Class Project Management, having helped implement the WORLD’S LARGEST INTERNET PORTAL of it’s Time with Microsoft
– Gain FULL ACCESS to our Deep Network of the Best Marketing Resources on Planet Earth!
– Tried & Tested TEMPLATES, Frameworks, and Scalable Methods that you can Instantly Swipe & Deploy

Company Description

Joza Marketing is led by Dave Albano, a business and marketing expert, inspired speaker, trainer and online strategy expert. Our high impact strategies, virtual assistants and done-for-you services get more customers into your business, more productivity from your day, and more excitement into your Life! Whether it’s through sales funnel strategy & optimization, lead-generating websites, business automation, or easy traffic generation, Joza Marketing helps Million Dollar companies double their revenues in 12 months or less. As Digital Marketer Certified Partners and Funnel Experts, we help lead Digital Marketer’s high-end coaching programs and masterminds, training thousands of Marketers and Business Owners from across the world in various private live sessions and retreats.

Fractional CMO

Our MOST effective way we can serve you is if you hire us to be your Fractional or Part-Time Chief Marketing Officer, directing all your Marketing Strategy, Team & Activities. We’ve found this is the most effective option for companies that can’t afford or are not big enough yet to have a full time CMO. When you work with us,

You would work directly with our CEO & Founder Dave Albano, who would meet with you and your team each and every week to plan, strategize, measure and optimize everything Digital Marketing and beyond. This is the “Full Meal Deal” Plan. When you choose this option, you get everything that Dave and Joza Marketing offers in the Strategy realm, including all the Systems, Processes, Done-For-You Templates, Funnels, Frameworks, access to Dave’s Personal Network, the Works! The only thing you have to do is have your team implement, or we can have one of our certified and trained Virtual Assistants help you with that. More on that below…

Dave is also a World-Class Project Manager, so when you work with him in this fashion you’ll also get his decades of knowledge and experience in that area, put to work for you, your team, and your business that you can leverage for the Lifetime of your Enterprise.

So gain your very own in-house CMO, Business Consultant, and World-Class Project Manager all in one. Obviously Dave can’t work directly with everyone at this deep and time-consuming level, so this option is extremely limited for distinguished businesses only, and is by application only. Apply at

Done-For-You “Managed VA” Services

After your Online Strategy is developed and your Complete Funnel Blueprint is established using one of our Strategy Options above, you need to build it of course! You can have your team run with the implementation, or you can have us source your own in-house Virtual Assistant (VA) to do it for you. This allows your team to focus on what they do best without having to learn endless technology and systems implementation that will just frustrate them and decrease your team’s performance.

Whether it’s funnel-building or any other task you don’t want to do, we’ve got you covered.

Our “Managed VA” Service includes access to our team of Virtual Assistants that are sourced solely from the Philippines, and known for their excellent English, hard Work Ethic and Loyalty.

Activities will be completely customized and tailored to your needs, so there is a lot of flexibility built in to ensure your expectations are met.
AND we source and train your VAs based on your needs so you don’t have to! We get it. Finding quality people is hard. By working with us, you will have access to our network of talented, pre-trained VAs that we vet and source on your behalf and have integrated into your team.

We’ll first have a 15-20 minute “Needs Discovery Session,” and then source a VA with your required skills and present them to you, typically within ONE WEEK from the Discovery Session or as schedules allow.

No more posting on job boards, writing job descriptions, fielding inquiries, sorting through submissions, scheduling and conducting interviews, evaluating & short-listing, doing final interviews, etc. We handle ALL of this for you and condense what can take 3 months or more… into a week or less.

Business Automation & Email Marketing

Our Business Automation Services is where we help you install “”Set It & Forget It”” systems and tools to attract new leads into your business, convert those leads into customers, and follow up with them on a regular basis to build the relationship with them and encourage them to buy more regularly, more often, all on AUTO-PILOT!

Yes, this is possible… believe it or not. We do it time and time again with great success and proven results. This works for virtually everyone but works particularly well with influencers like authors, speakers, course & content creators.

We can help you monetize your blog, social media, podcast, videos or YouTube channel, again… all on auto-pilot.

Whether you’re selling something low-ticket and high volume, or high ticket with lower volumes, we can automate it all… get sales in your sleep, or have your sales call calendar fill up “”automagically.”” 🙂


As CEO and Founder of Joza Marketing (an online marketing agency that helps 7 Figure Businesses double their revenues In 12 months or less) Dave is a dynamic Digital Marketing Expert, Business Strategist, Inspired Speaker and a Mastermind Mentor/Coach with DigitalMarketer.

Dave Albano


Digital Marketing Strategist, Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Search Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, Optimization & Testing Specialist, E-Commerce Marketing Mastery, Analytics & Data Specialist, Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist


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