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While we at DM consider ourselves the true experts in digital marketing, we humbly accept the fact you probably read other marketing blogs, in addition to our own.

It’s okay; we get it (even if we aren’t happy about it). There’s no harm in exploring another perspective—especially if you’re hoping to get more granular in one particular area of digital marketing. That being said, if you are interested in seeing other people *cough* I mean reading other marketing blogs, we’d like to at least help direct you toward some of the better publications out there.

These are a few of the internet’s best marketing blogs that we’ve carefully vetted just for you.

1. ConversionXL

Content strategy

ConversionXL Marketing Blog

In the world of digital marketing, content strategy is everything. Creating profitable content while maintaining the brand voice and quality your audience loves is no easy task. Fortunately, ConversionXL’s comprehensive blog provides digital marketers, like you, with the most in-depth and data-driven approaches to improving content strategy and SEO. If content is where you’re struggling, we highly recommend bookmarking this page.

2. Copyblogger

Blogging & Copywriting

Copyblogger Marketing Blog

Copywriting is a delicate art, one that should never be underestimated (seriously). Regardless of the type of product you’re promoting, having a compelling structure to your written content is extremely important. Thoughtfully constructed headlines play a huge role in your content marketing strategy. And no one understands this better than Copyblogger. They’ll help guide you through the latest and most effective copywriting techniques for captivating and maintaining your target audience.

3. HubSpot

Inbound Marketing Organization

HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot is a key example of good blog design. Even if your content is supreme and your SEO skills are top-notch, retaining an engaged audience can be difficult without an organized site. Let’s say you have a company blog that specializes in several different areas. Wouldn’t it make sense to separate these specializations into distinct categories so users can easily navigate through your content? HubSpot offers a great example of how to do this. Visit their blog homepage and look at the difference a clean and straightforward layout can make.

4. Buffer

Social Media 

Buffer Marketing Blog

Whether you need to brush up on your social media knowledge, or you just enjoy staying up to date with the latest trends, Buffer has you covered. In addition to a social post scheduling platform, Buffer is also a great resource for social media marketers. Their official blog is full of valuable content vetted by some of the top social media gurus. Do you have questions about hiring influencers? Are you curious about Pinterest marketing strategies? Buffer has answers.

5. BigCommerce


BigCommerce Marketing Blog

Though it lives under the umbrella of digital marketing, eCommerce is an entirely unique beast. We know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information about it. That’s why it’s important to do your research. Everyone has their opinions on how to become a successful ecommerce business, but we’ve found that BigCommerce’s blog has some of the most insightful resources to help you market your product in the right direction. You’ll find content on ecomm design, payment processors, fulfillment, and just general marketing tactics.

6. BrandCulture


BrandCulture Marketing Blog

As digital marketers, we always have to recognize the importance of brand identity. The most successful businesses have built their own unique culture that turns customers into ambassadors. When it comes to blogs focused primarily on branding, we’ve found that BrandCulture is one of the best. Both wildly entertaining and informative, BrandCulture provides readers with their opinions on the most effective branding techniques as well as the latest industry perspectives.

7. Search Engine Watch


Search Engine Watch Marketing Blog

SEO is one of the most daunting sectors of digital marketing. We hear people toss the phrase around all of the time like some techy abstract thing, when it’s actually not that complex. The best way to learn about improving your search engine ranking is by studying businesses that are doing it best and keeping up with the latest industry practices. Search Engine Watch is a multi-authored blog that focuses primarily on SEO strategy. They offer readers valuable insight into how some of the big players are maintaining those highly-coveted top search results. As far as marketing blogs go, Search Engine Watch is one of our favorites.

8. Duct Tape Marketing

Small Businesses 

Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Blog

We know getting your small business off the ground is no easy venture. Once you’re up and running, the work doesn’t stop. If anything, you’ll have more questions, bigger concerns, and a higher risk of loss. It’s important to soak up all of the information you can get so your business can keep growing. Duct Tape Marketing is an excellent source for small business owners looking to learn more about the digital marketing world and how to improve their content strategy.

9. Backlinko

Audience Engagement/SEO 

Backlinko Marketing Blog

Every marketer’s goal is to catch a customer’s eye and keep their attention for as long as possible. In digital marketing, this is heavily dependent upon content strategy and SEO. Backlinko, a marketing blog known for its high-quality and in-depth content, emphasizes the importance of immediately grabbing your target audience’s attention through the use of SEO.

10. Econsultancy 


Econsultancy Marketing Blog

Like DigitalMarketer, the Econsultancy blog is a one-stop shop for the low-down on digital marketing. From the latest in global trends to ecommerce insights, social media analysis, and more, Econsultancy is a digital marketer’s best friend and deserves a permanent place among your bookmarks.

11. Business 2 Community

The Modern Digital Marketer 

Business 2 Community Marketing Blog

There’s so much more to digital marketing than creating successful campaigns. In addition to useful industry information, Business 2 Community explores the day-to-day life of a marketer in today’s workforce. Recent blog posts such as “The Power of Employees on Social Media For B2B Organizations” and “How To Make Workplace Humor an Asset, Not a Liability” offer unique perspectives from and for employees in the digital space.

12. Moz

Case Studies

Moz Marketing Blog

Another great resource for today’s digital marketing professional is the Moz blog. Moz focuses its efforts on providing readers with some of the most in-depth and thoroughly detailed case studies. Honestly—they’re works of digital marketing art, and maybe we swoon over them (but that stays between us…). When it comes to creating strategic, unique content that stands out, case studies should always be a tool in your digital belt.

13. Quick Sprout

All of the Above

Quick Sprout Marketing Blog

Last, but certainly not least is Quick Sprout, a blog founded by well-known marketing guru Neil Patel. Quick Sprout wastes no time getting to the point. They give you the information you need without the extra fluff—a practice Patel says all digital marketers need to implement. If you want to captivate an audience, an enticing headline is your first opportunity. Patel explores the most effective headline usage and many other important topics within a variety of insightful posts. 

These are all great resources for digital marketers like you! Now, go forth and bookmark your favorites… just don’t forget to put us at the top 😉.



The lovely content team here at DigitalMarketer works hard to make sure you have the best blog posts to read. But some posts require a group effort, and we decided to stop the rock-paper-scissors tournaments that decided the byline so that we had more time to write. Besides, we all graduated from kindergarten: we can share.

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