Building a Personal Brand in Web3 with Jeff J Hunter [VIDEO]

The two most important social media platforms in web3 are Twitter and LinkedIn. Listen as Jeff J Hunter, author of Zero to Hero Crypto Guide, tells you why!

Jeff J. Hunter is an author best known for VA Staffer, a 150-plus team virtual-assistant staffing agency. He helps entrepreneurs and startups build and scale remote teams to dominate their brand category and is the creator of the CORE Branding Method and host of the “Savage Marketer Podcast.”

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Jeff Hunter

Jeff Hunter

Jeff is the Chief Growth Officer of Branded Media where he creates solid, recognizable, legacy driven personal brands for legitimate companies and influencers. Over the last half decade, and 1000+ paying clients later, Jeff has tested and perfected proven branding strategies, processes, and systems. Jeff is also the Founder and "King of Outsourcing" at VA Staffer. VA Staffer is an inbound marketing agency powered by virtual assistants that helps business owners get things done.

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