The Love-Hate Relationship with Social Media…

…and the three things to help keep you from losing your mind.

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I don’t know about you, but my relationship with social media falls into the love-hate category.

It’s so easy to get caught up servicing your clients and the day-to-day grind that truly…social media and marketing your business quickly moves to the back burner.

And I’ll get really honest and admit that when I’m on social media sometimes, I tend to get caught up in the scroll and look to see what my competitors are doing…and then beat myself up for not being as creative as they are…or that I should have spent more time recording a video, etc. etc.

Have you ever felt that way?

I know you have, which is why I’m here to tell you that 1) you’re not alone and 2) you’ve got to keep things simple when it comes to marketing your business on social media.

I tell my clients you need to think of social media as your digital business card. 

When you meet someone who learns about your business (whether that be in the online space or face-to-face), you know as well as I do that the first thing they will do is hop on their Google search bar and type in your name or your business to learn more about you.

Here’s the top three things you need to do to keep social media simple and your messaging unique and memorable:


People buy from people they know, like and trust. If the only content you’re posting is educational or about your industry and never features your personality – you’re missing the point of social media.

Social media is just that…SOCIAL.Consider posting once a week something that’s important to you…something personal that your perfect client would enjoy knowing about you.

When writing your captions, consider the type of personality you want consuming that content. 

Are they…

  • Dominant-type who wants the “bottom line” and focused on results?
  • Influencer-type who is positive and enjoys fun interactions?
  • Steady-Relator-type who is easy-going, collaborative and wants peace and harmony in their life?
  • Conscientious-type who is non-emotional and focused on data and facts?

When you consider WHO will be consuming your content, your messaging needs to trigger the emotions of the type of personality who is most likely to buy from you.


Whether you have hired someone to manage your social media or are doing it yourself, one thing is certain on ANY social media platform.

When you’re consistent with posting and engaging, you will 100% grow your network online.

Here’s my rule of thumb…. You need to post at least three times a week on the social media platform that your perfect client is likely spending most of their time.

Again, social media is a form of your digital business card. When new people visit your social media page, we want them to see compelling content. This helps your credibility and authority and helps to build you as an industry leader in your space.

Depending on the platform, posting a variety of types of content is a good thing.

For example, if you’re active on LinkedIn, consider posting a poll, carousel (this is a multi-slide post), and a static (non-video) post each week. Be sure to tag companies and individuals on these posts (as appropriate) so your content shows up in their feeds too.

If you’re active on Instagram or Facebook, consider incorporating video a few times a week. TIP: Always include captions on those videos since 60+% of people watching from their phone have sound off.

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Let’s talk about who is consuming your content…your perfect client. Go back to FOCUS ON PERSONALITY and ask yourself, what type of personality is your perfect client? They can be a combination of types too…so, don’t feel as if you have to narrow it to just one type.

When you have a good idea of their “type,” you need to use the words that will trigger them to your call to action (to buy the item, schedule the call, etc.).

Listed below are the words and emotions you need to focus on by personality type.

DOMINANT: These types are direct, decisive, tough, impatient and demanding. Your messaging needs to be brief and to the point, if you want to hold their attention and have them wanting to learn more. They make decisions fast and really don’t like it when you waste their time.

INFLUENCER: These types are enthusiastic, energetic, sociable, talkative and open. Your messaging needs to be friendly and warm and focused on the positive. They make decisions quickly too and want to have a good time throughout the process.

STEADY-RELATOR: These types are calm, steady, laid-back, modest, and indecisive. Your messaging needs to show how your solution will not only benefit them but also the people around them (their team, family, etc. depending on what you’re selling). Don’t pressure them for action and give them plenty of time to make a decision.

CONSCIENTIOUS: These types are analytical, precise, non-emotional, formal and logical. Your messaging needs to focus on data and facts. They’re not interested in your stories about what you did last weekend with the family. Give detailed information and plenty of time to make a decision.

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Heather Lisle

Heather Lisle

Heather Lisle is a communications and marketing expert, entrepreneur, and professional problem-solver who helps business owners stand out from their competition by creating unique brand positioning based on their personality using the DiSC assessment. With 20 plus years of executive level experience, Heather has mastered the ability to cut through the small talk and dig deep to identify her client’s “special sauce” or uniqueness that sets them apart from their competition to increase leads and sales.

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