TikTok vs Facebook Advertising Which one if right for your business

TikTok vs. Facebook Advertising: Which One is Right for Your Business? [VIDEO]

Excerpt from the TikTok Ad Masterclass

Creating effective ad creative is crucial for successful marketing campaigns on different social media platforms. While it may seem convenient to transfer Facebook creative directly to TikTok, this approach often leads to failure.

TikTok requires a unique strategy and tailored content to maximize return on investment (ROI). By understanding and implementing these elements, businesses can optimize their TikTok ad campaigns and connect with their target audience more effectively.

Ad Creative

The biggest mistake taken is when coming from Facebook, people will take their Facebook creative and just copy it over to TikTok, this includes the size ratio and trends – this fails. If you focus your efforts on cracking TikTok ad creative, the ROI on that creative is substantially higher than if we focus just on Facebook creative. It’s a one way street, not a two way street.

Ad Fatigue

Ads on Facebook tend to last longer whereas TikTok creatives fatigue significantly faster. With TikTok you’ll need to dramatically increase your creative output and produce way more ad creative. A way to fail on TikTok is simply by not making enough creative and giving up.

Content Type

It’s important to know the content types that work well and that don’t work for each platform. Where images and animations may work on Facebook, that will not always convert the same success on TikTok. You want to make sure you’re as native as possible with your ad content.

Screen Real-Estate

Many mistakes happen you you don’t leverage the 9:16 ratio on TikTok. Avoid this mistake by taking the extra time to convert the content properly into TikTok as not to keep the black bars on top and bottom of your ad, that’s a missed opportunity for ad space. TikTok is giving you the full screen, use it!


Sound is not top of mind when scrolling through Facebook, with TikTok, sound is a huge component on connecting with your audience. Audio is part of the culture of the app and can make or break your content.

Length of Content

Understanding the importance of content length will also determine your success with the platform. What may work for Facebook will not always translate and work on TikTok. The culture of content is different on each platform so shooting accordingly will make a difference.

Maxwell Finn

Maxwell Finn

Maxwell Finn is a serial entrepreneur and leading authority on TikTok & FB ads. Max has educated 10k+ and run ads for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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