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Episode 355: Unpacking the Latest AI Marketing Software with Dustin Lien


Online marketers are needing to stay abreast of the latest AI tools in this Wild West e-commerce industry. Machine learning requires humans to learn, too. 

So how are the human digital marketers keeping up?

In this urgent race to become the AI tools of choice – from first-party data software to AI email marketing – there’s a lot out there to play around with and be dazzled by. 

Which AI software brands are likely to survive though? And how do you know what will work best for you and your client?

Thankfully, we have Dustin Lien, DigitalMarketer’s former marketing manager, to guide us on a few of the latest AI tools he’s been using with his company, JumpX Growth. 

Skio, QuickAction, Tare, and BlackCrow are just some of the software apps he’s shedding light on for us today.

Dustin is actually pinging AI software developers on Slack and helping to improve some of the coding, illustrating that there’s room for collaboration between marketers and developers in this AI ‘first to market’ scramble.

As an undercurrent theme, there’s a lesson in humility by way of encouragement for marketers who perhaps feel too afraid to learn new tools. 

The upside to all this learning and what these new AI tools can bring is that you can personalize your campaigns beyond your wildest imagination. 

Understanding customer cadence (‘When does an individual client open his emails and is more likely to be receptive to an offer?’, for example) means that new AI marketing software will make a client feel like a campaign is way more personalized. 

AI is empowering brands to make them feel that you care about them more. We feel good when a brand is personalized to us. With that personalization comes belonging, and with that belonging comes a sense of community. 

And then we’re back to celebrating the wonder of the lifetime customer in our community and all this new AI learning seems totally worth it.

Dustin Lien is the Founder and CEO of JumpX Growth, which has done over $35 million in revenue for their clients over the past few years.


01:25 What has happened to e-commerce in the last 12 months?

03:38 What new AI tools can Dustin recommend?

05:53 The magic of QuickAction (generative AI for business)

08:24 Why you still need a marketer in your corner to leverage the new tools

11:44 Using AI to do the heavy lifting, then communicate and implement!

13:22 Appreciating what happens when technology and social media are changing so quickly

14:50 Why marketers need to be prepared to go back to the drawing board and learn these new tools

17:14 The emphasis now placed on maintaining a lifetime customer

18:52 Introducing Tare – AI Email Marketing for E-commerce

22:58 The race to become the AI tool of choice: collaboration opportunities for marketers

26:03 Ask your customers what they want, then build it!

27:03 Introducing (increasing your welcome flow revenue)

29:23 The power of AI to target individual customers at a time of their preference

33:45 The feeling of belonging (community) when you buy into a brand 

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