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Episode 379: The Future of Full-Stack Marketing with Jake Madoff


Are they still spying on us? Where is the price of ads going? How do you split an omnichannel marketing budget? And how do you deliver your client bad news after a campaign has been tested?

So many questions! Today’s guest is the young Jake Madoff, a full-stack growth marketing expert here to answer them for us and share his insights on everything from the future of SEO to the future of paid advertising. 

There’s a full-stack, omnichannel approach to today’s episode as we cover just about everything that’s going on when it comes to the latest digital marketing trends and what’s working out there as clients tighten their belts and expect immediate results.

Is there a better way to get clients to be more patient? Tune in to find out about Jo’s 90-day client report-back strategy. Plus, there are some great insights on working with influencers on TikTok through talent creative networks. Please join us.

Jake Madoff specializes in paid social, paid search, OTT, Amazon Ads, programmatic Ads, SEO, and CRO. He has led growth at three multi-million dollar startups, founded three startups, and has been featured on all major growth marketing platforms for his work in growth marketing.


01:55 Jake’s background in full-stack marketing

06:03 Social selling channels as a new trend

07:40 When to use TikTok (conspicuous consumption)

08:47 Combining paid advertising with organic content

10:27 The Future of SEO

11:45 Where is the price of ads going?

14:00 How do you split an omni-channel marketing budget?

16:25 Jo’s tried and tested 3 months testing strategy

21:24 Unpacking the available click attribution models 

23:25 How to deliver bad news to a client when reporting on a campaign

26:50 Experimenting with TikTok ads 

29:44 How many variations on ads are recommended?

31:00 Working with influencers on TikTok (through talent creative networks)

32:52 Are they spying on us? Understanding layered tracking

35:33 Evergreen advertising principles that can withstand tech compliance

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