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Episode 380: The Art of Niching Down with AJ Cassata


How do we get nice clients? The ones that pay well and don’t complain too much! 

Maybe the problem isn’t the client, maybe the problem is you. Learning how to audit yourself as an agency is one smart way to see if the reason you’re treading water is because you don’t know your ideal niche.

Most small agencies start with one or two clients which then lead to referrals. And before they know it, they’re marketing everything from plumbers to products without any real idea of who their ideal customer is. 

Developing a system where you work out your Niche, focus on your Offer, and then develop a Method needn’t be that complicated. Just by having conversations with past clients, you can learn a lot about what worked and what you are good at. 

AJ Cassata is the CEO of Revenue Boost and he has helped over 400 agencies become actual agencies with a simple and predictable sales system that can help you and your agency grow in more ways than one. 

Learn how to see the patterns in the work that you are doing already and then how to refine and articulate your offer as you look to take it to a cold market where clients who need your specific offer are waiting for you. Today’s episode is a niche-down nugget of gold!


01:20 How can agencies build a business (for themselves) that they really love?

05:04 How to develop a system where you find the clients you actually want

06:35 How to audit yourself as an agency

11:48 How to get traction in a cold market

13:24 Niche, Offer, Method

16:52 ‘The money is in the mouth of the market’

19:40 What is ‘the method’ for niching down?

24:10 Learning to see your business as a separate entity

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Revenue Boost’s Niche Analysis Template –  Niche Analysis Template (Revenue Boost)




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