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Episode 305: NFTs, IP, and Understanding the Copyright Process


In a changing digital marketing landscape that is akin to the Wild West in terms of NFTs and ‘fair use’ when it comes to appropriating someone else’s creative work, Rich Goldstein is the sheriff in town. 

Rich is the author of the American Bar Association’s ‘Consumer Guide To Obtaining a Patent’ and he’s helped his clients obtain over 2000 patents in a 25+ year career. 

Taking that extra, professional step to protect your big idea could be worth millions down the line.

So, it’s important to see it as an opportunity to maximize your business rather than an external threat that you need to protect yourself from. 

This starts with understanding the difference between patents, trademarks, and copyright. 

Rich’s strength lies in the simplicity with which he eloquently communicates his message. 

This is an opportunity to educate and empower yourself as a digital marketer looking for the right IP to give your design drafts that competitive, commercial edge. 

Understanding the IP process begins here.  

Rich has helped his clients obtain over 2000 patents through his company, Goldstein Patent Law (which he founded over 25 years ago). 

Rich has a natural ability to explain complex legal topics in simple terms. 

He’s still searching for that perfect mnemonic to describe patents for products, copyright for content, and trademarks for branding.


02:00 Why should any marketing professional be worried about obtaining IP?

04:05 What qualifies as something that can be IP?

07:50 Understanding the process involved in obtaining IP

14:54 How detailed does your description need to be in order to get the copyright?

19:48 Accountability with NFTs (it’s not the Wild West)

24:10: Relying on the system by copyrighting a term and not regretting it later on

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The Patent Process

The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

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