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Episode 340: Monetizing Engagement – The Magic of Molly Mahoney’s Social Sales Shuffle


How do you convert your traffic and clicks into prospects, leads, and then actual sales? 

Today we’re talking about a genius application of your social media skills to increase conversions and actually make money by engaging with your community. 

Just because you’re crafting great content doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is going to see it. 

So first off, how do you get people to consume your content and then buy from you? Or “throw credit cards at your face,” as today’s effervescent guest, Molly Mahoney (The Prepared Performer), likes to put it.

The Social Sales Shuffle is Molly’s three-step guide to rousing your social media profile from its slumber, then creating better online community engagement, then teasing out the business challenges your ideal customer is having, and then presenting your offering as the solution. 

It’s a myth that our ideal customer is someone we don’t know at all. Chances are they are already in your sales pipeline, just waiting for the right time to buy. So making a list of five potential customers and then engaging with them meaningfully on their platform is part one of the strategy to grow your organic reach. 

There are sneaky social media skills aplenty from Molly in this episode. For example, how not to let the algorithm assume you’re clickbaiting?

From doing research on your prospects to opening up the algorithm by creating engagement on other community pages, the Social Sales Shuffle is a marketing game-changer that you absolutely have to try at home to boost your engagement and turn that member of your online community into an actual sale!

Molly Mahoney is the founder and CEO of The Prepared Performer. She teaches people how to turn their message into a profitable movement by having more fun (and ultimately making more money) without guru marketing or high-pressure sales tactics. 

Learning how to perform better in business begins with performing better in front of others. 


01:37 How more AI content doesn’t equate to better marketing

03:47 Molly’s ‘Social Sales Shuffle’ for increasing how your content gets consumed

08:05 ‘The Money Dance’ to get your whole body inspired before you connect with your audience

12:52 The importance of looking at someone’s profile update before sending them a DM

15:19 Three steps to re-activate your social media account

17:10 Going into another group/online community to generate engagement

23:52 The Validation Post: “lemme know” and not “let me know”!

27:10 Using AI to get people to raise their hands, identify their problems, and start a conversation

30:41 An example of the Social Sales Shuffle in action (How To Do social media with Molly!)

34:22 Appreciating that there are better ways to engage with your online community

36:38 TAKE ACTION STEP: Try the Social Sales Shuffle yourself!

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