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Episode 378: How To Improve Your Email Deliverability with Brendan Dubbels


Email deliverability: what is it and how can we get better at it? With so much uncertainty around SEO and with social media platforms effectively owning your content, controlling your email list and communicating with your customers directly is more important than ever.

Times have changed, though, and it’s no longer just about having a reputable IP address to convince your customer’s ESP (Email Service Provider) that your once-in-a-lifetime offer shouldn’t go straight to the spam or promotions folder. 

Getting into the actual inbox and remaining top of mind requires meaningful engagement with your customer. Today’s guest is showing us how to do just that. 

Brendan Dubbels is the Senior Partner Manager for Ontraport and he’s offering some super practical tips on how to improve your deliverability rate by making your emails more ‘clickable’ and ‘replyable’.

Learn how to clean up your email list and separate it into customers that engage with different regularities. Discover how to manage what is transactional (eg. invoicing) and what is content-driven. 

Join us on an episode of DigitalMarketer that takes the ESP out of second-guessing your customer’s ESP. More consistency in communication leads to more clicks and fruitful conversations.
Brendan Dubbels is the Senior Partner Manager for Ontraport, a business automation software for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small businesses. You can find out more about the work that Brendan does at


01:40 What is improving email deliverability?

04:15 The power of feedback emails for client engagement

05:30 Should you incentivize people to give feedback?

07:25 What is the feedback cadence for an email campaign?

09:10 Consistency as a way to improve your email deliverability

12:10 How many emails should you send as a business?

14:35 What to do about people on your email list that aren’t engaging with you

18:34 Transactional emails versus content-driven: when to send which

20:24 Tips on cleaning up your own email list and engaging with your audience

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