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Episode 18: Russ Henneberry, Digital Marketing Consultant @ on Using Content to Generate Free Traffic


When it comes to digital marketing, you have to commit, and most importantly, ship it.

Russ Henneberry is a speaker and business consultant and his advice to businesses is simple. If you’re looking to boost SEO, post often so you can make Google happy. If you’re looking to sell a product, create 1 high-quality piece of content and then pay to drive traffic to the web page.

In this episode, we talk to Russ about the content strategies he used to help grow DigitalMarketer, how savvy marketers repurpose their content and the three focuses of successful entrepreneurs.

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  • How often to publish content for organic traffic and increased SEO of web pages
  • The advantage of using 1 high-quality piece of content to market your services and/or products
  • The 3 main avenues to provide value with content
  • What strategy Russ used to improve the SEO of the DigitalMarketer website
  • How to get Google to notice your content over the competitions


Russ Henneberry
Russ on Twitter
Russ on LinkedIn
Three Simple Steps to Creating a “Pillar Blog Post” That Generates Organic Traffic For Years to Come
Digital Marketing for Dummies by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry
REI Black Book
DigitalMarketer Lab Elite

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