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Episode 393: Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing for Q4 Success with Mike Chudy


As we approach the end of the year, sales teams are feeling the pressure to close deals and hit their targets. But all too often, there’s a disconnect between sales and marketing that can hinder success. How can we bridge that divide and ensure that both teams are working together seamlessly?

In this episode, we’re joined by Mike Chudy, a seasoned sales consultant and the founder of Austin Sales Consulting. Mike shares his insights on how sales and marketing can collaborate more effectively, especially during the crucial Q4 and Q1 periods.

In This Episode, we’ll explore:

  • Common challenges sales teams face in Q4, and how marketing can help overcome them
  • Effective communication strategies for sales to convey their needs to the marketing team
  • The top marketing assets sales teams need to succeed in Q1
  • How to use analytics and customer feedback to refine your marketing collateral
  • The importance of regular sales and marketing integration meetings for alignment

But here’s the key takeaway: Sales and marketing alignment isn’t just a one-time initiative. It requires ongoing communication, collaboration, and a willingness to adapt based on data and feedback. Doing this can set your team up for success not just in Q4 and Q1, but all year long.


00:43 Common Q4 sales objections

03:24 Role-playing: sales objection and strategies to close the deal

07:15 The importance of discovery and qualification in the sales process

08:07 Communicating sales content needs effectively to the marketing team

12:32 The power of short-form video in modern marketing

14:19 Using AI-powered avatars to create customized sales content at scale

17:49 Analyzing past performance to optimize future marketing efforts

22:45 Closing the loop between sales and marketing with customer testimonials

23:25 Establishing a regular cadence for sales and marketing integration meetings

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