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Episode 318: AI-driven Lead Generation Conversation, with Daniel Levis


Let’s imagine a lead generation world where we let the user determine the message and what resonates with them, rather than finding a user that fits our message.

Thanks to AI and people like Daniel Levis and his company ‘Science of Client-Getting’, that world is already here. 

TDM host Mark De Grasse is chatting to Daniel Levis about how AI lead generation content is being specifically tailored to an individual potential customer. 

AI lead generation magnets that ask questions one after another, curating a script and conversation as you go along, results in an irresistible discovery call (with a real human). 

Daniel’s company has been doing this for over a year now, and the results are great: his clients are getting a higher return on ad spend, meaning they can scale a lot bigger – and a lot faster. 

This TDM episode is a study in what it means to develop the customer relationship through interactive lead gen, to pre-sell, pre-qualify, and build up a real list of 100,000 plus clients – rather than just saying ‘Hey, I’ve got this cool thing I’m selling’.

Customized, interactive content whereby customers are making micro-commitments as they answer each AI-driven question and consume lead-gen content tailored to their individual palette is indeed the future. A future that’s already here.

Daniel Levis is the founder of ‘Science of Client-Getting’, a company specializing in automated, systematized hyper-growth for coaches, consultants, advisors, agencies, service pros, and solution providers. Daniel also runs Levis International Marketing, an online marketing consultancy, think-tank, and an educational resource.


01:06 Understanding AI lead generation magnets that ask questions

02:32 How AI is creating irresistible discovery calls

05:00 Appreciating AI and the science of client-getting

05:40 Letting the user determine the message 

06:41 How do you populate the questions the AI asks?

10:32 Obliterating the disconnect between marketing and sales

13:53 TypeForm as the leading technology in the text-driven lead gen space

16:12 How to implement a lead generation magnet

18:20 Does the AI avoid sensitive, non-PC questions?

22:54 What are the KPIs worth watching out for?

24:12 What industries is this doing well in?

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