Video is Rocket Fuel for Email Marketing

Imagine your email marketing is like a little fire and this little fire is great. It keeps you warm, keeps you happy. Much like your typical email marketing campaign. It works, does the job, still effective here and there. You get some wins.

But deep down you’re like, I want a larger fire! One that people want to crowd around and read. I want my email marketing campaign to take off like a rocket and amazing tons of people!

Well, that’s what adding video to your email marketing campaign will do.

Embedding a video to the body of your email does so many amazing things!

Here are 3 things to do to your video in your email marketing campaigns that are really going to help them catch fire!

  • Include “video” in your subject line. Why? Adding the word “video” in your subject line boost open rates by 19%!
  • Add a clickable animated GIF with a play button so it tells the person, that this is a video just for them. Do not just do a still image. 
  • Use the video you create in your email message to drive home the value proposition of what is being communicated in that email, let that video take your customer down the sales funnel you want them to go down. 

On top of that, studies show that if someone watches a video about a product or service they are 50% more likely to buy it.

The world’s best marketers are leveraging video in their email marketing, it’s time that you do it for yourself and for your clients. 

If you’re like most people, you might be wondering, how in the world do I even begin to do this? I don’t have the time to…

  • Record a video
  • Upload it and host the video somewhere
  • Create an animated GIF
  • Add that to the email
  • Hyperlink it to a landing page were the video lives

I get it, that’s why Magnfi does that for you like “snap” and you can have it all branded to your agency for your own in-house video service offering. Check out our white label option at

Doug Dibert Jr.

Doug Dibert Jr.

Doug Dibert, Jr. has been in the world of video marketing since January 2005 when he founded his 1st video marketing agency. He has worked with 100’s of businesses nationally and internationally helping them create video content and video marketing plans. Seeing the future growth of video and the need for any business to quickly create professional video content with no video editing needed, in 2017 he found the SaaS video marketing platform and a year later sold his video marketing agency to focus on Magnfi’s growth. Doug is a highly welcomed speaker at many business strategy events, online or in-person, where he teaches practical how-to methods on how businesses can leverage video content quickly. Doug and his team at Magnfi partner with businesses and digital marketing agencies who want their own in-house scalable video service offering via the Magnfi white label program.

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