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Top 4 Social Media & Digital Marketing Trends

In a perfect world, what worked in marketing last year will work next year.

You don’t have to change the content you’re making.

You can stay on the same platforms.

You can leave your funnels as is.

And the customers (and money) keep flowing.

Ahh, if only. The reality of marketing is it’s always changing. The foundations of marketing stay the same—you’ll always need to work through the Know, Like and Trust Factor and the PADS copywriting formula continues to get conversions. But, where we market and how we market are permanently on a rollercoaster. They’re never going in one direction for very long before hitting a sharp turn.

Marketing is a fun ride, full of ups and downs. How do you get more ups than downs? By knowing which social media and digital marketing trends are working, right now.

I’ll be sharing 4 MAJOR social media and digital marketing trends you should be paying attention to this year based on my experience marketing multi-million dollar brands.

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Major Marketing Trend #1: Video Is Taking Over

I don’t need to tell you how awesome video is. Between Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live, it’s no secret video has become a staple of our everyday lives. A whopping 75 MILLION consumers in the U.S. *alone* watch video content on a daily basis…

It’s predicted 82% of ALL internet traffic will come through video by 2021.

That is huge!

If you’re not taking advantage of video in your marketing, you absolutely need to be. This includes LIVE video too. By 2021, it’s expected 13% of all internet traffic will be specifically from LIVE video. Pretty cool, huh?

You already knew people love real, relatable, and relevant content. (You’ll notice how this is an underlying factor in all of these trends.)

Attention Span Myth

The “Attention Span Myth” is the belief people’s attention spans are shorter than they used to be, therefore long video content no longer works. That’s absolutely not true. Think about it: when’s the last time you binged watched something for hours on Netflix? Netflix reports its nearly 118 million subscribers watch 140 million hours of content on average per day. That’s 71 minutes per user per day!

150+ million people have sat through 25 minutes of this YouTube video:

Have people’s attention spans really gotten shorter?! NO! Not at all. What has changed is the increase in easy and available options to choose from and the simultaneous decrease in people’s intolerance of crappy content. The truth is that your video content can be as long as you want, but only if you’re adding educational or entertainment value.

This is what I call “The Netflix Effect.” There are TONS of incredibly high-quality video options available in just one click. But, if someone isn’t loving what you’re putting out, they can too easily move on…

You can’t blame the algorithm or people’s “shorter attention spans” for decreasing views and followers. As marketers today, we are not only in the ATTENTION business but in the RETENTION business. How are you going to get people to stick around? By creating engaging, valuable content.

TIP: Shorter videos outperform longer videos. Testing has shown that videos around two minutes in length generate the highest levels of engagement.

Major Marketing Trend #2: Hyper-Relevant Behaviour-Based Content Is A Must

Look, I hate to say this (especially as an email marketer). But the reality is that gone are the days of relying SOLELY on “batch-and-blast” emails. Or in other words, sending the SAME email message to every single one of your subscribers at the same time, regardless of where they are in their consumer journey with you.

The future of effective email marketing will be sending behavior-based emails in REAL-TIME to your subscribers. Seventy-eight percent of consumers say personally-relevant content is a determining factor in their purchasing decision and a lack of relevance in marketing messaging leads to an 83% decrease in engagement.

A recent study showed relevant e-mails triggered based on behavior are 3x more effective than “one size fits all” email blasts.

Here are two ways to create hyper-relevant behavior based email content:

  1. Sending emails to potential buyers immediately after they leave items in their shopping cart
  2. Sending viewers of a particular video a different email message than those who never watched it at all.

Yes, this does mean creating MORE marketing assets, but thanks to AI it’s incredibly easy to monitor, track and create these relevant digital experiences and action-based communications using your CRM platform.

Don’t worry, in my opinion, machine-learning will never be able to match real, relevant, and relatable copy written by a HUMAN… but it can help you streamline the process and give you invaluable data to fuel your creative genius.

Major Marketing Trend #3: Omni-Channel Marketing Is Expected

It’s still possible to run effective marketing campaigns through a single channel, say Facebook Ads, email marketing, or social media.

What’s changing is the *need* to have all these channels COMMUNICATE with one another behind the scenes to create hyper-relevant communication tailored to your audience’s actions.

Let’s say a follower clicks a post on Instagram and watches a webinar on their iPhone. You wouldn’t want to send them an email later that day asking them to sign up for the webinar they just watched. You’d very likely be hurting your chances of that subscriber becoming a long-term customer because they no longer feel they are in a 1-to-1 relationship with you. It becomes apparent they are simply “being marketed to”.

This is increasingly important as more and more people are engaging with brands ACROSS multiple devices. Omnichannel and omnidevice tracking is a must. Ninety-eight percent of people switch between devices throughout the day (I know I do!)

Customers don’t care about the integration happening behind the scenes, but they do EXPECT it. Eighty-seven percent of consumers believe brands should be putting more effort into omnichannel initiatives.

Consider this your encouragement to use email, social media, chatbots, SMS, desktop notifications, paid ads, and retargeting in your marketing initiatives. But, heads up!

It’s no longer enough to create a strategy for each channel in isolation. Instead, you need a holistic approach that ensures these channels are connected and speaking to one another (so that you can provide the hyper-relevant behavior-based content). This is the key difference between multichannel and omnichannel marketing.

Omni-channel marketing helps create stronger brand loyalty and drastically improves your customer LTV. Companies utilizing optimized omnichannel strategies report a 91% year-over-year increase in retention rate over those that do not.

Yeah, that’s huge.

Major Marketing Trend #4: Voice Search Is On The Rise

The future of search is VOICE. According to Google, right now 20% of all searches are voice queries through digital assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. By next year, that number will skyrocket to over 50%.

It correlates perfectly with mobile usage rising over the years. Seventy-one percent of all mobile users between the ages of 18 and 29 use voice assistants on their smartphones.

Voice Search is becoming second nature for anyone looking for a quick answer to something. Digital assistants are going beyond simple search AI and are evolving to understand user intent and behaviors. They’re growing smarter with every interaction…think about just how wild that is!

“Hey Siri, where is the highest rated Vietnamese restaurant near me?” Interactions like this happen so regularly you forgot to consider it a Google search in the traditional sense.

This creates a huge opportunity for you, if you know how to capitalize on it. The way people traditionally make a Google search is very different than the way someone uses voice search.

For example, when you are searching for a restaurant on Google, you might type in “Best Brunch in Los Angeles.” But, when you use voice search you change your behavior to ask a question, like “Hey Siri – What restaurant has the best brunch in Los Angeles?” or “What restaurants near me are open for Brunch right Now?”

Knowing how to formulate your content and copy to appeal to the Voice Search algorithm is a key factor in using this trend to your advantage.

Major Marketing Trends Like This Can’t be Ignored

Marketing multi-million dollar brands has shown me what’s working well, what’s getting ‘okay’ results, and what we need to ditch. As a marketer, it’s part of our jobs to be adaptable. We can’t get stuck in our old ways, we always have to look for the next best strategy, tactic, or technique that amplifies our funnels.

These are the 4 major marketing trends I’m working on with my 7+ figure clients:

  1. Video Is Taking Over
  2. Hyper-Relevant Behaviour-Based Content Is A Must
  3. Omni-Channel Marketing Is Expected
  4. Voice Search Is On The Rise

And they’re the trends you should be using too. Because the marketing world isn’t slowing down and pretty soon this rollercoaster car we’re on will hit another turn.

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