Our Favorite Facebook Video Ads of 2020 (and Why We Love Them)

Our Favorite Facebook Video Ads of 2020 (and Why We Love Them)

It’s the 21st century, people! And while that doesn’t (yet) mean that we are driving flying cars or having robot children, it does mean that we need to step up our Facebook ads game. The industry is quickly evolving, and it can be stressful trying to keep up. Good thing DigitalMarketer is here to help you stay up with the times by showing you our favorite Facebook video ads of 2020. 

Marketing is changing. Facebook is changing. Therefore, Facebook marketing is changing too. One notable trend is the move toward video ads and away from stills and carousels.  

Why Advertise with Videos? 

Obviously, there is the aesthetic and engagement factor. Videos are eye-catching. You’ve heard the phrase “bigger is better,” but we reckon that “moving is better” too! 

Aside from that, videos are more valuable pieces of content than simple graphics. Why is that? Well, for starters, Apple’s iOS 14 update is threatening to significantly decrease the effectiveness of Facebook ads. Probably not to the point where they become obsolete, but enough to make marketers look into advertising on emerging platforms like TikTok or Snapchat. 

By creating a video ad, you can take your Facebook ad and easily adapt it to fit on TikTok or Snapchat. Whereas a graphic might make an okay Facebook ad, but it won’t do you any good on other platforms. If you are putting in the time and effort to make a great ad, you might as well be able to get some extra mileage out of it! 

You can read more about how Facebook marketing is changing here or about the specifics of the iOS update here

Here are some 2020 Facebook video ads we love and a quick rundown of what makes them special. Maybe next year, one of your video ads will be on our Favorites List! 


This one-minute video ad is great because it tells the story of a teacher who is sacrificing her time to serve her community, and it connects her powerful narrative to Nike’s brand. The ad as a whole is also right on-brand for Nike, with bright, cohesive colors and their logo being prominent throughout the video. 


We all know and love Flo, Progressive’s spokesperson/mascot. But we also love this ad. It is short and to the point while retaining Progressive’s casual and playful air. Another good thing about this ad is the obvious call to action (get a quote) and the button to do so right below the video. 


Something we stress at DigitalMarketer is keeping your content on-brand. Target did a great job on that with this ad campaign. One glance at the ad, and you know who you’re dealing with. 

Besides that, this was a great campaign because they reused the content concept across several ads. We love that creative consistency! 

And we know these ads worked as well as they look because they are still active today!


This ad series featured a refreshing 15-second video showcasing Levi’s sustainability efforts. They coupled the sustainability information with daisies, dancing, and denim to create a memorable and cohesive ad. This ad is great because it is short and snappy but also long enough to make a lasting impact on the viewer. 

By aligning themselves with an altruistic effort, Levi’s is offering a “moral” incentive to click and shop. That strategy was well implemented in this campaign. 


Hmm… is it really a shameless self-plug if it’s true? This really is one of our favorite video ads of 2020! 

Here’s why: we open with a great flattery hook. The reader says, “oh, they must be talking to me, because I am, in fact, great at marketing!” And then they keep reading. We seal the deal by offering a FREE trial for the DigitalMarketer Lab. The video itself is perfectly in tune with our brand; it’s engaging; and it gives an exciting rundown of what our lab has to offer. 

Did these ads spike your interest in Facebook video ads and marketing? We’ve got plenty more FREE content for you in this series. Check out the rest of our Facebook Marketing series on our blog, or click here to read the pillar article. 



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