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[Funnel Critique] See DM Lab and DM Team Members Critique a Live Conversion Funnel

Ok… this is exciting stuff.

We’re going to critique a live conversion funnel… and I guarantee your going to learn a ton.  I know I did.

The following is a thread inside our private Facebook Group called Digital Marketer Engage.  This Facebook Group is exclusive to DM Lab Members.

But today we’re going to open up the kimono and show you a conversation we’ve been having in the DM Engage Facebook Group.

Here’s the situation…

DM Lab Member, Craig Dewe of Web Marketing Outlaws, was kind enough to ask for a critique of his funnel.

The DM Lab community and team members at Digital Marketer (including yours truly) jumped in to offer suggestions in DM Engage.

We critiqued everything in this funnel from the Facebook ad (traffic source) to the $7 Facebook Ad Formula product (Tripwire Offer).

Here’s a high level view of what was critiqued…


New to funnels? Learn more about funnel optimization in this post from Ryan Deiss.

Here we go…

Funnel Step 1 – Facebook Ad

Web Marketing Outlaws is generating traffic for this campaign using Facebook ads. Below is the ad creative, bidding and targeting options being used for this campaign…

Facebook Ad

DM Lab Member Analysis:

I like the FB ad image. I would test it in a few different colors/ styles just to see if you can get significant split test data.

In terms of ad copy. I would change it to something like “Want to generate clients from Facebook? Follow this easy, 3 step formula…” instead of “For experts who sell coaching, etc….” Your current copy calls out the audience but it doesn’t solve their problem.

Your targeting looks good. Great audience size. I would suggest optimizing the campaign for website conversions though instead of clicks. Just put a conversion pixel on the thank you page after the opt in. This tells Facebook… HEY I’m looking for people who are going to opt in on this page, not just land. It will also help you track.

~ Molly Pittman, Director of Traffic & Engagement – Digital Marketer


I wonder if the headline (“For experts who sell…”) would work better if it was swapped with “Get Clients From Facebook”? I’m calling the first line at the top the headline, since that’s what I see first.

I think you want your headline to focus on their desired outcome, rather than identifying your audience. Once you catch their attention, then you can attract the right audience and repel the rest.

~ Larry Fleeman, DM Lab Member – Sozo Investments


Include a benefit/outcome in the text of the headline for the Facebook ad. It’s called out the the market which is great, but what’s in it for them (without looking at the ad image)?

A few suggestions that you could “bolt-on” to the headline are…

For experts who sell coaching, consulting, seminars, or training products that want more clients this week
For experts who sell coaching, consulting, seminars, or training products that want to explode and accelerate their business
For experts who sell coaching, consulting, seminars, or training products who want to bring in more clients without breaking the bank
A proven three step formula for coaches to get more clients this week
How to get clients from Facebook ads using a simple 3 step formula (follows what is actually on your landing page)

2. I would split up your interests into separate campaigns. Some would be performing far better than others, but when they are grouped together, how would you know? Some are making you money and some are costing you.

Separate ad for each interest and then scale the one(s) that are giving you a good ROI.

3. You could also take it to another level and test on mobile v desktop.

It’s crazy what you can find when you separate all the variables.

4. I would certainly be testing the RHS v newsfeed too ESPECIALLY since the RHS are so much bigger now.

~ Ben Pottinger, DM Lab Member – 


I would agree with Ben above to stratify out all of your interest groups. A potential audience of 640,000 is extremely large and you’ll have a very difficult time knowing which interest is creating your conversions unless you divide them all up into their own ad sets.

I would definitely separate out your interests one per set and one ad in each ad set per interest. Some of those interests like Brendan Burchard, Fabian Fredrickson and Marie Forleo are all very large so if you can get them down to 30-100K each, that would be ideal.

You’re also doing newsfeed and right column ads in the same ad. You should definitely separate this out into different ads within one ad or better yet one ad set with one ad per Placement.

The beauty of the way that you set it up right now is that you can run this ad and then do a Reports through Facebook and figure out which placement is converting best for you – whether it’s newsfeed or right column.

You can also pull a report and find out which age groups and gender are pulling for you as well – 35–44, 45– 54, male or female, etc. When you start really broad like you did here with the 30 and older, you can run the Reports after a week or so (depending on your budget), analyze the CVR data, pause this ad and then create new ads around your best converting demographics.

To get even more ninja, overlay that with which placement is working (newsfeed or right column) then you have a powerful one-two punch.

To take it one step further (samurai?)…run a Report to figure out what country is CVRing best for you – in your case any of the five that you have listed.

The one thing reports cannot do is stratify out by Interest (not yet at least, waiting on Zuck for that one). That’s the reason why I would suggest to have one interest per ads set.

To take it even one step further, and two make your targeting even more super targeted to your customer, upload your email list or better yet your buyer email list into custom audiences, create a look-alike audience then overlay that audience with your individual targets. This works extremely well – especially if you have a buyers list.

Ben said it above, but you should also do ad sets for mobile and Ad sets for newsfeed – the CPCs are so much better now on mobile.

Although your funnel does have a add to cart purchase page (which probably has multiple forms and it’s hard to fill out on mobile), don’t worry about that for right now. Get the cheap lead, then remarket to them using website custom audiences, auto responders, nine word emails, perfect audience, etc.

Although you’re optimizing for conversions on your pricing, this takes time to gain momentum. I would start off with CPC 30–40% above the recommended range with website conversions, then optimize downward or upward depending on which ad set is converting at the lowest CPL. Throw more daily budget at the Ad sets that are converting at your ideal CPL and pause the ones that are doing crappy.

It looks like you created these ads in the ad manager. I would definitely use the Power Editor and have a pixel on your thank you page as well as on your purchase page. That way you can optimize your ads for not only leads but also for purchases.

Having said that, you should definitely go for the lead first and worry about the sale after. If you get a lead and the sale all in one fell swoop, consider yourself a brilliant FB Internet marketer. Remarketing back to them will ultimately get you far more sales off cold Facebook traffic.

As for the ad and ad Copy…

I agree with everyone about saying that you should include “what life would be like once they get your stuff” and include the real benefit in your headline. I also agree with asking a question as Molly states above.

I do like calling out who your potential audience is by stating they are coaches or consultants. One thing we’ve done fairly effectively is calling out in your headline – “Attention Coaches: (then state your benefit or question)”

~ Ralph Burns, DM Lab MemberDominate Web Media


– Calling out the audience first is a smart move.
– Headline needs unique benefits because this market (Facebook ad training) is sophisticated. Your target interests are used to seeing ads for Facebook marketing training so you need to stand out. You need more than just “Get clients from Facebook” to break through the competition. A couple ideas with more sophistication and specificity:
Get 10 new clients from Facebook in 30 days.
Get new paying clients within 48 hours using this weird Facebook technique that positions you as the only expert who can get immediate results for your clients!
– Change “learn” to “discover”
– I’d like to see more proof throughout the funnel. Your ad image is a great place to illustrate a case study, provide a strong example, screenshot with results, authority statement, facts/stats, etc.

Also, I found a 40-50K audience for you to put in your bank.  See it below…

facebook-audience ~ Graham English, DM Lab Member 

Funnel Step 2 – The Squeeze Page

Web Marketing Outlaws is driving traffic from the Facebook ad to this squeeze page…

Squeeze Page

Upon clicking the orange “Get Instant Access!” button, the following opt-in box appears…

Two Step Opt In

DM Lab Member Analysis:

1. Worth testing the button colour as the orange looks good from a graphics/branding stand point, but maybe a green would convert better as it would stand out more?

2. Include the outcome/benefits in the bullets (below are examples only, you would have to validate them to make sure the claims are correct). One thing with marketing is that you want to be specific and really paint the picture. Don’t leave it up to them to decide what it means to model those ads. They don’t know what they don’t know. Paint a beautiful, bright picture of how incredible the world will be once they know that

Here are some example benefits that might work…

– Exact offers you can model (and why they work) so you can get started today with confidence
– Why the biggest marketers get started with just $50 and how you can get results with little outlay and risk
– The biggest mistake with images that cost you big time… you’ll want to avoid this at all costs… unless you like wasting money
– Did you know that less work can get you better results? not many people do! Start small with this little tip and then scale to the moon and let it rain down leads
– And even more lessons from highly successful ads to get you clients, cash and confidence THIS WEEK

3. Have a progress bar at the top of the opt-in box like the great company with the initials DM. 🙂

~ Ben Pottinger, DM Lab Member 


An offer on Facebook should ideally be “one thing that they want the most”. Give them what they want, then sell them what they need.

What is the “one thing” your clients want more than anything else? Figure out what that one thing is and give it to them – who cares if it has nothing to do with what they really need (Internet marketers concerned about their CPCs instead of their ROI, golfers who want to drive the ball 400 yards but really need to learn how to putt, etc.) – give them what they want and then sell them what they need after.

I also definitely change your button from “Get Instant Access!” to first person like “Show me the three steps” or something like that. We’ve seen conversion rates double with changing the lettering on your often button. I think I learned that one from some guy named Deiss???

The copy on both of your buttons needs to tell them that there in the right place and it’s all about them – hence, first person.

I think Russ said it above, but “he doth protest too much” (no idea where that comes from) – sometimes means that if you have too much copy on your landing page, your conversions drop. You’re simply trying to hard, people don’t read, Basecamp and conversions drop. The confused mind always says no.

Some of the best landing pages we have are lead pages landing pages that literally have less than 40 words of copy and do 30-45% CVR off cold traffic.

~ Ralph Burns, DM Lab MemberDominate Web Media 


– What’s the unique mechanism that you use to get clients? Video series? PDF guide? Funnel with templates? Again, this market is sophisticated and you need to work a little harder to stand out form the crowd.
– Landing page promise isn’t specific or desirable enough. 3 step formula is good, but “getting clients” sounds like work while “collecting money while you sleep” is a desire.
– Could you name your 3 step formula something more specific, exciting, and unique: 3-Step Facebook Money Magnet Formula

~ Graham English, DM Lab Member 

Funnel Step 3 – Thank You/Lead Magnet Pay Off

The promise made in the Facebook ad and on the squeeze page is delivered on the following “Thank You Page” after the prospect enters their email address…

Lead Magnet Payoff - Thank You Page

DM Lab Member Analysis:

I like that you are delivering the Lead Magnet on the “Thank You” page. This way you are able to keep them in the funnel (not having to check their email) and still deliver on the promise.

That said, there are a few things you should consider.

1) Look for a way to give the formula you are discussing a name or an acronym. And, create names for each of the steps in the formula. It feels very generic as it stands. See how we have the CVO (Customer Value Optimization) formula and have named the steps, Lead Magnet, Tripwire, Core Offer, Profit Maximizer, Return Path)

2) You are promising a 3-step Formula and I see that formula clearly in the opening of the Lead Magnet. But… as I continue to read the copy — the formula disappears for me. You start making wider points (like talking about credibility, positioning, sidebar/newsfeed ads, value vs length) I think this is a case where you are trying to deliver too much value in the Lead Magnet and you aren’t staying specific and focused.

If you feel like you need all of this in there — consider changing the delivery method to a PDF checklist or mind map that covers all of the things you feel are important.

Try cutting down the copy on this Lead Magnet dramatically. Discuss only the formula you mention and organize it by showing the 3 parts for each of the 3 examples. So… the Lead Magnet would be chunked into three sections (Eben Pagan, Russell Brunson and Callan Rush) and each of those sections would have three subsections (Formula Step 1, Formula Step 2, Formula Step 3)

3) Lastly, if you can cut down on the Lead Magnet copy — consider transitioning directly into the pitch for the Tripwire offer on the same page you are delivering the Lead Magnet. I think this stands to convert better because it won’t require a click to the Tripwire Offer.

You could even try to use a Reverse Squeeze Page like Ryan does with this case study selling Facebook Ad Power.

You could move one of the case studies (Maybe the Epen Pagan one) in front of the opt-in and then promise two more if they opt-in. This could help shorten up the copy on the Lead Magnet page.

~ Russ Henneberry, Director of Editorial – Digital Marketer


Consider how well your subheads force people to read what follows.For example, your subhead: “The Landing Page Builds More Value” could be rewritten to focus on a different tip contained in that content, like this: “My #1 Stealth Selling Secret”.

~ Mike Buck, DM Lab Member –


This is definitely a different way of doing things, giving the payoff on the thank you page. We usually have some kind of related offer or tripwire of some sort on the thank you page, but this certainly gives me some ideas…
I agree with Russ and Molly above as it should be as promised on the landing page. You should have 1, 2, 3 listed out on that page so they know they got what you promised you would give them. There’s so many ways to go with this lead magnet, Id refer to some of what the guys say above as I agree with so much of it. 
Having said that, really think long and hard about what a coach or consultant wants more than anything else and give it to them, then sell them after on what it is that you can do for them.
I would almost make this page into a check list. Those are some of the best options on Facebook because they’re easily consumable, chunk down and people don’t have to read too much to get what they want. A one page PDF checklist or maybe 2 pages if you’re really ambitious, should do the trick. Especially if it’s the one thing they really want.

~ Ralph Burns, DM Lab Member – Dominate Web Media 


1. Certainly include the three part formula… people LOVE formulas… “If I do A, B & C I get the result I was told…”

2. What would make the page more credible and compelling is some of your own case studies (if you have some?) with the ROI. money in v money out.

3. Overall I like the page, it’s good and delivers good valuable content. Not 100% sure on the number one key takeaway at the bottom though. Don’t know if you want to say “this isn’t rocket science”. Especially, when you’re trying to sell them information on how to do it on the next page.

You would want them to think that you have some magic formula that they can only get from giving you money.

~ Ben Pottinger, DM Lab Member 


How is the content you provide on the Thank You Page relevant to coaches / consultants / trainers -> your audience?
As far as I could see the content can be consumed by any one who wants more clients from FB.
I’m a coach / consultant and I didn’t feel that you’re talking about me. Giving examples from known coaches / consultants / gurus is not enough. Do you know what issues are specific to your audience? If so, state one of them and show how your formula solves this issue. Your audience might not need a ton of clients, they might want and need the right clients.

~ Ariana Shalem, DM Lab Member 


– There’s a lot of borrowed credibility but I’m not seeing who’s sharing this information. You’ve already positioned yourself as an expert by putting an ad in my newsfeed so you should introduce yourself earlier and stand behind your offer. Otherwise, the offer feels very generic and not as trustworthy as someone who would put their name and reputation on the line (like your competition).
– Also, could you put this information into a video and then offer the tripwire on the same page?

~ Graham English, DM Lab Member 

Funnel Step 4 – Tripwire Offer

Upon receiving the information promised by the ad and squeeze page, the prospect is asked to click on the orange “Continue” button on the above page.

When clicked, the new lead is taken to a $7 offer (we call it a Tripwire offer) on the following page…

Tripwire Offer

DM Lab Member Analysis:

1. At the very start I would be digging more into the pain points…
“Do you worry when your next invoice is coming in?”
“Feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to marketing your business?” “Got the feeling that you should be doing better and that you’re the best kept secret in your industry?”

You’re not alone….. (etc)

2. Expand on the here’s what you get… let them IMAGINE what their life is like with an inbox FULL of leads.

3. Once again, some case studies/examples would be great to have there. I like how you’ve leveraged off the big guys but some that you have done would help seal the deal.

~ Ben PottingerDM Lab Member 


– Again, I’d like to know who’s is talking to me in this letter. You say “I’ve been doing online marketing for over 13 years now” but you never introduce yourself. Big red flag in my opinion. Are you personally successful? That’s my big question since the person behind the offer seems to be hiding. If you don’t want to use your own name, then pump up the agency’s credibility. Tell us how your team of Facebook experts will put money in our bank accounts. 
Good luck and congratulations on taking action!

~ Graham English, DM Lab Member 

That’s it (so far) on this thread in our private Facebook Group for DM Lab Members.

Did you learn something?

Could you teach us something?

Let us know your thoughts on this funnel, ask questions and leave comments below.  We’d love to talk with you!

~ Russ

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Russ Henneberry

Russ Henneberry

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