Email Automations That Help Turn Tiny Shops Into Mega Marts with Simon Trafford [VIDEO]

Simon Trafford is the Co-founder and Head Coach at Merchant Mastery and one of three world-class instructors for DigitalMarketer’s—NEW for 2022—Ecommerce Marketing Mastery certification course. 

He’s taught thousands of ecommerce brands how to grow from a tiny mom n’ pop shops to massive global brands through effective marketing. You’ll definitely want to watch as he talks about the 3 email automations you NEED to have so you’re not leaving money on the table.

In this video:

  • You’ve GOT to Automate These 3 Email Flows: 00:16-00:24
  • Nail This Email Automation For Cash on Demand! 00:25-00:36
  • Forget This Email & You Can Forget Repeat Buyers: 00:49-1:00

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Simon Trafford

Simon Trafford

Simon is the Co-Founder and Head Coach of Merchant Mastery, an 8-week intensive training and coaching program dedicated to helping Shopify store owners master advertising, email marketing, and conversions to grow their ecommerce empire. He is also the Managing Director of Social Lite Communications, a full-stack digital marketing and design agency with expertise planning and executing lead generation campaigns for a wide span of industries in B2B and B2C sectors.

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