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If you’ve been in e-commerce for any amount of time, then you’ve undoubtedly heard…”You’re Only One Product Away“.

It’s the E-com info-industry mantra that is continually repeated over and over by countless trainers, coaches, and “consultants”.

But I have a secret for you…

If you are an E-commerce marketer or store owner who is struggling to scale your store to 6-figures or more right now, read on…

The reason you need to pay attention to this page is…

  1. E-com is the easiest & most profitable game going right now
  2. Most of the information you’re getting is just plain wrong.

I’ll explain…

Most E-com’ers are constantly being bombarded with the next latest & greatest app or traffic channel.

Everywhere you turn you’re being told you need to be using… 

⛔ “influencer marketing”
⛔ “tiktok videos”
⛔ “video apps”
⛔ “the newest review app”,
⛔ “affiliate marketers”
⛔ “snapchat ads”

… and the list goes on and on.

The fact is, if you are doing all these things, all at once, you’re probably feeling spread pretty thin.

Not only is this distracting, it’s also ineffective, and more commonly leads to overwhelm, confusion, and discouragement more than it does sales.

It’s no wonder why recent stats show that 95% of all Shopify stores fail!?1

And this is at a time when you, and those other 95%, should be soaring.

Check this out…

The Stats...

After the global shutdown in the early part of 2020, U.S. E-commerce saw 10 years worth of growth in just 3 months! Talk about hyper growth.

Ecommerce Marketing Mastery

And as many economists predicted, consumers’ buying habits have stuck.

In fact, the trend toward online shopping is only continuing to skyrocket.2 (See the chart below for actual Y-o-Y increases and current conservation projections from Statistia)

Ecommerce Marketing Mastery

As a matter of fact, by the year 2040, it’s assumed that 95% of all retail purchases will be facilitated in some way by e-commerce.3

But, do you want to know the real crazy part??

All those billions of dollars in current online sales are still only 16% of all retail purchases.3

That Means This Party Is Just Getting Started!!

Ecommerce Marketing Mastery

So, then why is it that almost all Shopify stores are failing when consumer demand is skyrocketing and the market is relatively untapped?

Well, because E-commerce marketers & store owners are being misguided and, as we say down here in Texas, “y’all are gettin’ the sizzle, not the steak.”

The truth is…

Success in the E-commerce World Doesn't Come From Trying to Push a Winning Product, It Comes From Applying a Winning Process.

Success in the E-commerce World Doesn't Come From Trying to Push a Winning Product, It Comes From Applying a Winning Process.

Let me show you something…

Above is a backend Shopify revenue report for a T-shirt company called Blackhare.

Until recently, their highest monthly revenue was a couple thousand dollars.

They struggled being just “another T-shirt shop” in a sea of Print On Demand stores.

But after focusing on a winning process over a winning t-shirt, their business EXPLODED.

In only a couple weeks of adopting this new approach, they were able to go from just a few thousand a month to well over $30k a month in a short period of time.

And this process isn’t just for beginners, …

Ecommerce Marketing Mastery

The above is the monthly revenue report for an established jewelry business that was plateaued at about $100,000 a month.

I know that sounds like a lot but their margins were paper thin and the owners were exhausted.

Yes, they had a high sales volume but their conversions were low, traffic costs were high, and they had no time for follow up so everything was focused on front end sales.

It was more like running on a hamster wheel than running a successful store.

After focusing on a winning process, they were able to increase margins, increase customer LTV, lower new customer acquisition and, as a result, were able to scale to over $300,000 a month PLUS do it with less stress and anxiety.

So What Is The Proven Process?

So What Is The Proven Process?

The reason that these E-commerce owners and marketers were able to turn their slumping stores into profitable powerhouses is because of a proven process called…

The E-Commerce 'Tree of Life'

The E-commerce “Tree of Life” is one of the core concepts to building a profitable, sustainable, and scalable E-commerce store.

This process is made up of 4 Key Pillars to success:

Pillar 1: The Roots – This is about establishing the foundational elements so your store can truly take root by determining the right offer to the right market with the right positioning

Pillar 2: The Base – This is your online store, which requires incredibly strong foundations to support your business. This is the 1st part of your business that is visible to the world. This is made up of your proven product pages, branded store front, and basic automations (like email) that are all tested and proven to convert your customers. (i.e. certain to bring your water to your roots!)

Pillar 3: The Trunk – This is your first traffic source that predictably leads to sales. It’s the first customer acquisition channel that you master, which you can reliably depend on for sales. What’s most important here is that you don’t get distracted trying to get sales from 10 channels at once, before mastering one. Focus on only ONE branch until that is a repeatable and reliable source of sales for your business. ONE acquisition channel is enough to build a 6-figure, if not 7-figure business.

Pillar 4: The Branches – Once you have at least one sustainable branch to your business you can begin to build out additional acquisition arms ( or funnels) of your business. To go full bloom, you also don’t need to depend on solely paid advertising channels. Your tree could include things such as pop-up shops, wholesaling, affiliate and influencer channels, and other profit centers for your business.

(The leaves are your profits when this tree grows in harmony)

Here’s Scott Cunningham, founder of an 8-figure E-com agency, and instructor in this course, to explain further

Play Video

As you can see, when you follow this process, it virtually eliminates the 2 biggest problems that most E-commerce marketers and owners face…

  1. Not enough traffic 🚫
  2. Not enough sales 🚫

No one wants to waste time or money on traffic they don’t know is going to convert!

And, without traffic, you can’t get any sales.

That’s the marketers dilemma and that’s why this process was developed.

See, when you start by…

✅ Validating your product to market match*
✅ Apply the perfect positioning* and…
✅ Use proven product pages that are sure to convert*

(*Don't worry we have all the principles, templates and checklists for you!)...

NOW you are in a position to truly judge the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

If you know people want a product, you know who wants it, and you know the product’s pages are proven to convert then the only variable is the platform.

Isolating the variables in your E–com equation is how the pros slowly, safely, and systematically test their offers.

Then, it’s only a matter of time until your KPIs (key performance indicators) line up, you have your winner, and you can scale…hard!

The E-commerce Tree of Life approach ensures you reduce the trial and error, wasted ad spend, and that nagging unknowing if you are doing things right.

It also makes sure that once you do find success, it is based on a strong and stable foundation that can support scale as opposed to luck, hope, or happenstance.

In fact, this process has been proven so many times now, we can confidently say that…

Whether You've Had To Close Your Doors, Are Stuck In The Struggle, Or Are Brand New To E-Commerce…

You Can Turn Your Stagnant Store Into A Profitable, Sustainable, & Scalable E-commerce Empire…Without The Trial & Error, Long Learning Curve, Or Wasted Ad Spend.

And that is exactly what we want to help you do!


E-Commerce Marketing Mastery

This certification is designed to give you a full, fundamental understanding of how you can effectively approach E-commerce marketing in today’s world and lay out the simple steps to success and scale that the 7 & 8 figure E-Commerce brands follow.

Once you understand the E-commerce ‘Tree of Life’ and its 4 Key Pillars to success, you will have:

  • Complete confidence in a new comprehensive eCommerce marketing plan for you or your company
  • A fully integrated & proven eCommerce marketing campaign ready to launch in the real world so you can safely and systematically test your offers to find the a winning channel quickly
  • Templates, checklists, and swipe files for the highest converting product pages, product descriptions, storefronts, email campaigns, and Facebook ads so never have to guess again
  • A simplified eCommerce marketing approach that focuses on mastering the basics:
    ✔️Creating the perfect positioning for your offer
    ✔️Optimizing your online store & product pages for maximum conversions
    ✔️Email marketing for fast & consistent sales and,
    ✔️Social media advertising to reach as many of your ideal prospects as possible.
  • Total clarity about what to do (and what NOT to do) to get your store or funnels to 6 & 7 figures fast
  • A straight to the point, no fluff approach that focuses on execution over theory
  • A renewed sense of excitement over the profits you can almost touch once you see how simple it is to acquire new customers & sales using this fundamental-first approach and,
  • How to convert cold strangers into hot buyers in today’s competitive eCommerce environment while simultaneously building good will in your marketplace

What Will I Learn?


Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


Module 5

Module 1 Overview

Core Concepts

Lesson 1
Validating Proof of Concept with the Ecommerce Tree of Life

Lesson 2
Evaluating Product Market Fit

Lesson 3
The Core Pillars of Ecommerce

Lesson 4
Why Ecommerce Needs Strategy

Lesson 5
The Customer Value Journey for Ecommerce

Module 2 Overview


Lesson 1
How to Create Your Customer Avatar

Lesson 2
The 4 Key Ecommerce Attributes

Lesson 3
26 Examples of Transactional Ecommerce Offers

Lesson 4
Creating Your Offer Stack

Module 3 Overview

Online Store

Lesson 1
Optimizing Your Online Store

Lesson 2
How to Create the Ideal Homepage Hierarchy

Lesson 3
How to Organize Collections – Content Hierarchy

Lesson 4
Setting Up Your Menu

Lesson 5
Creating Perfect Product Pages

Lesson 6
Product Photography

Module 4 Overview

Sales Channels: Email Marketing & Paid Advertising

Lesson 1
Introduction to Sales Channels

Lesson 2
Email Marketing: Welcome Email Flows

Lesson 3
Email Marketing: Abandon Cart Email Flows

Lesson 4
Email Marketing: Post-Purchase Email Flows

Lesson 5
Email Marketing: Campaign Emails

Lesson 6
Introduction to Paid Advertising for Ecommerce

Lesson 7
Paid Advertising: Anatomy of an Ad on Meta

Lesson 8
Paid Advertising: Copywriting and Creative on Meta

Lesson 9
Paid Advertising: Testing Copy, Creative & Audience on Meta

Module 5 Overview

Building a Social Store

Lesson 1
Introduction to Expanding Your Ecommerce onto Social Media

Lesson 2
Meet Your Instructor Lauren Petrullo

Lesson 3
Why Use Meta & Social Shops?

Lesson 4
Facebook vs Instagram Shops

Lesson 5
What Platforms Have Shops? Why Are We Talking About Meta?

Lesson 6
Prerequisites for Setting Up Social Shops

Lesson 7
How to Apply Offer Creation

Lesson 8
Key Social Selling KPI’s

Lesson 9
Where are Social Shops, UGC, and Affiliate Systems Headed?

Lesson 10
Who Should be Managing your Social Store?

Lesson 11
What are Standard SOPs for Social Shops?

Lesson 12
Using Social Feed to Tag Social Shops

Lesson 13
Storefronts in the Metaverse

Lesson 14
Addressing Objections

Lesson 15
Case Study: ClearStem

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Get Certified Today For Just $295
Total Value: $1,209 Save 76%!

Meet Your Instructors

Lauren Petrullo

Lauren Petrullo

Lauren Petrullo is a content marketing ninja, putting her skills to work as the owner of digital marketing agency Mongoose Media, boutique e-commerce store Asian Beauty Essentials, Chief Marketing Officer of eco-conscious baby swimwear Beau & Belle Littles, and co-owner of chatbot service Bot Blondes.

As a former Innovation Producer at The Walt Disney Company, Lauren incorporates her background in innovation and design to infuse creativity and play in all of her marketing strategies.

Through her marketing agency Mongoose Media, Lauren specializes in PPC and Social Media (organic and paid) by building brands on social media and converting them through Facebook and Google.

“We make future customers aware of our clients months before they begin seeking solutions through Pinterest.”

Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham is the founder of Social Lite, a leading Shopify Partner agency that has helped hundreds of Shopify stores around the globe scale past 7 and 8-figures. The Social Lite team has managed millions of dollars in digital advertising spend for their clients over the past year alone, and they are certified Klaviyo Masters, driving 20-40% of all sales through email marketing.

Scott is also a co-founder at Merchant Mastery, a training and coaching incubator for Shopify store owners that has helped over 400+ Shopify merchants launch and grow their digital campaigns.

Scott’s team has hosted Shopify Meetups in cities across North America, and Scott has taught eCommerce strategies on industry-leading stages, podcasts, and webinars, including Shopify Compass, Privy Masterclass, Klaviyo Bootcamp, Affiliate Summit, Ecommerce World, Traffic and Conversion Summit, and Digital Agency Expo in NYC.

Scott is also an ELITE coach at DigitalMarketer.com.

Simon Trafford

Simon Trafford

Simon Trafford is the Co-Founder and Head Coach for Merchant Mastery and Managing Director for Social Lite Communications, a Shopify Partner sales and marketing agency that has helped hundreds of Shopify merchants around the globe scale their revenue with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

In 2014, when we discovered the impact that customer relationships have on retail success, we tripled down on eCommerce. We built Shopify websites, launched eCommerce marketing campaigns, we studied, we practiced, and we got really good at scaling revenue for our clients by helping them foster lifelong relationships with their customers.

Today we are solely dedicated to helping independent eCommerce merchants scale in the global market. 

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    • Ryan Deiss, Co-Founder & CEO of DigitalMarketer
    • Richard Lindner, Co-Founder & President of DigitalMarketer
    • Russ Henneberry, Content Marketing Expert & author of Digital Marketing for Dummies
    • Pam Foster, Learning Chief at AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.)
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Get Certified Today For Just


Total Value: $1,209 Save 76%!


Frequently Asked Questions

This is an “On-demand” training that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your login details for our flagship product, DigitalMarketer Academy, where you’ll be able to access the training. It is a go-at-your-own-pace training so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

You can move at your own pace! We understand that life happens and that just because you enroll today, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to finish (or even start) the class this week. And that’s ok! Take as long as you like. We aren’t going anywhere, and neither is this certification.

No. A certification that can simply be purchased isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s why our courses are challenging. If we’re going to allow you to display a DigitalMarketer badge, you better believe you’re going to have to earn it.

The certification is actually included for free, with the class itself making up 100% of the cost. Consider the personalized certification and badge an added bonus and proof of your distinguished achievement as a E-Commerce Marketing Specialist.

You’ll find that the test is “satisfyingly difficult.” By that I mean, it’s difficult enough that you need to actually know the materials, but it isn’t tricky or difficult just for the sake of being difficult. That said, to preserve the exclusivity and importance of this designation, we have made the tests challenging. The questions do pertain to our proprietary methodologies, so you shouldn’t expect to pass the test just because you have taken other marketing trainings or courses in the past. This training is different, and the exams will reflect those differences.

It is not required though it is recommended. This certification focuses on the marketing side of E-commerce, not the store set up process.

We will focus a lot on store and product page optimization, so having a fully built out store is not required, but having an operating store with at least a few products is encouraged to get the most out of this training the fastest. 

Before spending a ton on advertising, we’ll give you a step-by-step process for validating your product to market match, your sales positioning, and give you proven templates and copy for your product pages, store, and ads.

Many times marketers try a platform without these foundational elements in place and THAT is why a certain platform or traffic channel falls flat.

We encourage you to follow this process as it is laid out in the certification before making decisions on which traffic channels work or don’t.

In addition, we focus on the fundamentals to running E-commerce marketing in this certification so these processes can be applied to almost any social media or online advertising platforms.

That said, we do use Facebook as the teaching tool in this certification. 

No! We’ll give you templates for high-converting product pages that you can implement with zero coding experience


Get Certified Today For Just $495

Get Certified Today For Just $295
Total Value: $1,209 Save 76%!